Saturday, 3 October 2009


Thank God for everything; I am here again by the grace of God, I keep taking long breaks whenever I go to NIgeria its about time someone asked me 'whats up with that?' anyway God willing no disappearing act, and by his grace messages that would inspire and bless ME.. and then you. Me first because I too need to be taught, be feed by him, and it is what he graciously gives me that i can share.

Summer was a testimony, hiccups here and there, but God was faithful and gracious none the less. I am in my final year @ Uni!! thank you Lord, never thought it would come so soon, so much to be done... His grace is sufficient.

Anyway hope y'all have been well,

Believer I don't know when my first post would be, but hopefully a word comes soon.

"This was God's plan which he had made long ago; he knew all this would happen." Acts 2:23

Ever wondered 'why is this happening to me?'; ever asked "God if you knew I will face this why did you let it?' sometimes these BIG questions get a silence from God, not that he has ignored you or that he has not heard your query, or your tears, but because There is a Plan. There is a Plan. The book of Jeremiah 29:11 says God has a plan for you and I; a plan for GOOD and not for EVIL.
The plan may not have been for things to get to tangled up and murky but the murky and the tangled up must surrender to the plan of God.

I am never prepared for a lot of the 'all that happen', but Acts 2:23 says "He knew...'
I am not prepared for this battle, this mountain, but God not only knew there would be this challenge, he knew I would not be ready for it because there was no way of me seeing it before hand.
No one likes to be taken unawares, someone drops by to visit without informing you they were coming or that they had no intention of leaving your home that day, such little things get most of us all worked up and bothered, How much more the BIG things, when life happens, when people leave, when you come face to face with your imperfection or fallibleness, what do we do when the unexpected happens? what do I do? I cry and agonize, and query God... and take a large dose of self-pity.

what CAN I do when the unexpected happens? what CAN you do?
we can claim the Peace of God, claim his strength and divine ability.

we can remind ourselves that it is not about us, never, but it is about God, the devil won't bother with you if you didn't have God on your side, that is why God said the 'Battle is His.'

when we are faced with the unexpected, Act 2:23 encourages us to relax, God is prepared to see us through it, one day at a time, one step at a time.
His peace.



Rita said...

Welcome back... why is this post titled epilogue?

I love the message in this post. Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Well said,
Indeed, God has a plan and when all hell is breaking loose or has broken loose, he alone restores us to peace and keeps us in his cares. We may not know the answers to all the whys, but we know the one who has the answers and only his perfect will, will be revealed after the fire.

thanks for this.