Sunday, 10 January 2010


I remember a song now by a gospel group Katinas (hope i spelt that right) called Faithfully, as you guessed it is a song singing about God's faithfulness and how he shows up every time. I remember the song now as I have just finished reading Daniel chapter 6. for those who need their memories refreshed, it is the chapter where Daniel is thrown into the lions den because he prayed to God and not to the King as the decree had demanded. it is ironic how we get into trouble for doing the right things. how making the right decision can look like we made a colossal mistake, how saying the right thing turns you into public enemy. We have heard how the wrong things can get us into trouble, but dare I say even the right things do too.

God did not turn up when Daniel was reported to the King, God did not show up when Daniel was being dragged to the lions den. God did not show up when a stone was rolled over the den to prevent anyone from rescuing him (vs17). If I was Daniel I would be worried, I would wonder 'where is God? can't he see me again!!'
What am I saying, I do get that way with God. one disappointment after the other, one trial after the other, one pain after the other. and I wonder, where is God? can't he see me again? why am I going through all this if he loves me.

in Daniel's story, we don't get to read how the angel did shut the lions mouth. we don't get to see what happened but like the King we are elated to see that God came through!! God will go anywhere you are. Just as we don't see what happened with the angel and the lions, we don't always get to see what God is working on behind close doors. You don't know how close you are to receiving your miracle.

my mother said to me somedays ago 'things aren't always as they seem my dear.'

And I tell you the same thing, it may look like you have fallen off God's radar, it may look like he can't hear you or worse he has stopped listening. But things aren't always as they seem.

listen to what King Darius said about Daniel's God:
vs 27" He rescues and saves his people; he performs miraculous signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth."

Guess what, that is your God too, the God of Daniel is your God too!!
things aren't always as they seem, he sees you, he loves you and he is coming to get you out and set you up!!
This year resolve in your heart to believe and trust in him 100%



Myne Whitman said...

God is faithful! Happy New Year dear. Hope you had a good holidays?

Rita said...

Welcome back dear. God is faithful and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to trust Him.

Believer said...

Happy New Year, yes He remains faithful to us even when we are not. Thanks for this post.

chichi said...

@Myne: happy new year dear. God's best to u and urs. I haven't forgotten Tea Break :)

@Rita: it's good to be back:). Happy new year. yes God is forever faithful, as he was so he is and will continue to be.

@ Believer: true talk. happy new year dear.

simeone said...

I call him faithful..
happy new year once again...

Debbie said...

Yes, our God is ever faithful, ever true.

Happy New Year

Andrea said...

God is truly amazing...thanks for posting this

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willson said...

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