Thursday, 27 March 2008


1 peter 3:9-: 'don't repay evil for evil. Don't retaliate when people say unkind things about you.INSTEAD pay them back with A BLESSING. this is what GOD WANTS YOU TO DO , and he will bless you for it.' [NLT version].

how hard is that? don't we just itch to have that infamous 'last word' , isn't the lure to 'hit them BACK where it hurts' the most appealing and tintilating?

somedays ago i heard something someone* said about me.... a relatively close someone; it was nothing 'bad' per say but it hurt me...
i walked into my room* and sat on mybed meditating on what had been said; immediatedly, the devil began to stir up anger within me, the 'how could so-and-so say that' 'what have i done to warrant this' 'it is not soand so 's fault... i blame condtion'.... yes i was getting furious; i knew to fight it but i let such emotons linger on for some seconds; until the above verse came up in my spirit....

'don't repay evil for evil' the holy spirit said to me and spent some time talking to me on this.

then i made up my mind; and i told the devil to carry is negativity outta here; i aint buying into bitterness and anger.... God's love is perfected in me. God wants me to repay 'evil' with 'good' and that is just what i am going to do! best believe satan carried his 'goods' away!!

my dearest the 'TAKE OVER' can/will only happen when you MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

when i say 'take over' i am refering to God filling you up so much so that you both are intertwined.... he becomes you and you become him!!

vs 15 of the same book and chapter of the bible says this :'... you must worship christ as the Lord of your life.'

you get it?

2cor 5:15 says this : "he {christ} died for everyone so that those who recieve his new life will no longer live to please themselves instead, they will live to please christ, who died and was raised for them."

i have one word for you 'altar'.

that is what your life and mine our; an altar unto God; a LIFE set aside/concencrated to him.

you desire the take over; then MAKE UP YOUR MIND TODAY; decide to live for God's pleasure; to give him the best of your life.... to be AS HE IS.

the 'TAKE OVER' is possible; the 'ultimate disappering act of self' can happen to you; but we have to go a step further from desiring.... we have to MAKE UP OUR MINDS.... TO CHOOSE those things which cause God delight.

i know, i know... it is hard; but like God once told me : 'it may be hard but NOT impossible.'

his peace, my love. chichi.


Believer said...

Honestly chichi, these days i think the holy spirit is really using you to confirm what He is saying to me and what I have been refusing to hear. There is no place I can hide from His word. This christian walk na real wa. Remain blessed and highly favoured. You are blessed vessel of honour worthy for the Maser's use.

chichi said...

hey believr... how u dey? we bless God for surrounding us with his truth.