Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Ruth chapter one.

i want to share a message from my 'bible-study' journal; when i read it late last night, it moved me... so much i read it to my mum; i hope it MOVES someone too-i hope it comforts, encourages and strenthens as it did me:

"the moment of lack and insuffiency will surely pass; sometimes we are too sense orflesh ruled that we analyze the situations we face from the realm of the flesh and seek physical solutions to it.

what if Elimelech had not moved his family? would his death and those of his sons had happened?who knows.

VS6: sy alot but a key word is "... again" God blessed his people again.GOD IS AN AGAIN GOD!! if he did it before he will surely do it again because he IS there is NO shadow of change to him or his will for us his children.

so what do you seem to lack?have you looked around and seen nothing coming forth? are you loosing faith in a revival/renewal and planning on making a move? WAIT... i believe if there is anythng God had to ay to his children today it is 'wait' whay are you in a hurry? why am i?

NOW has its purpose, its reason. so wiat and who knows you may just be escaping a great loos by doing so.

in Ruth i see selflessness;Ruth could have easily left or bad-mouthed orpah before Naomi for living. VS18{NLT} says Ruth "made up her mind". alot of us need to 'make up our minds' not tomorrow but today!! because ONCE we know for sure today, tomorrow can NOT shake us.

the mind is a powerful thing/weapon, once its on the right track, set on the positive your life can NOT go off the path, neither can your mouth lead your life off the right path.

make a decision today, so that tomorrow having done everything to stand, you will stand.

is that decision to have faith, forgive, love yourself, live healthly, pray more, be more commited as a student, partner,employer.... everydya something in our life is calling us to MAKE A DECISION, TO MAKE UP OUR MINDS....

settle those issues once and for all; the mind is powerful once you have chosen /decided everything begins to fall into place. you can not be swayed differently.

Ruth did NOT speak harshly of orpah for living; we need to STOP playing judge and jury.... nobody has to be like us or live/act like us!!

stop 'hating' on those who act differently or choose differently; STOP 'hating' on those who walk-away while we stayed!!

we NEED to let mtters go. orpah left, Ruth did not drag the issue out in her mind or with Naomi; she moved on-she refused to be imprisoned by whatever feeling orpah's departing possesed. we need to let matters go and not embrace them/it. LET IT GO!!

a good thing came out of Moab; Ruth did for Naomi. even when we step out, God is there providing the help we need along the way, all geared up to taking us to where we NEED to be.

its not good to step out of line BUT then again thank God because it will never be the end of the world for us.

in pain good can be born. God's grace and love will win out in the end."

his peace. chichi


Believer said...

We serve an AGAIN God. Yet I find another reason to praise Him,

I may have stumbled
but I shall rise
The tears may be falling
but i shall laugh

Amen, amen, amen. I am blessed to know u chichi. Can't wait for TERCUK to start! Remain blessed

chichi said...

@beleievr:just mailed u o! gurl u won me 2 start to cry abi?!!thanx for saying THAT... may i enrich u as u enrich me. God bless.

Believer said...

Sweetness, happy birthday in advance. Will be sure to give u a call. Remain blessed and highly favoured as you celebrate the wonders that the Lord has in store for you.

Jaycee said...

Another encouraging post from u...yay!

WAITING on God is soooooo Key as His children. He cannot give us the keys to the bentley until we're mature enough to use them...sometimes I too wonder where we're hurrying to.

Wow, great lesson from Ruth. I've got my mind made up...and there's no turning back. As I say this, I'm understanding the true meaning of "conviction." When I'm convicted, nothing can phase me from the truth I know. Now, I understand why Paul said "nothing can separate us from the love of Christ-famine, wars, pestilence, hunger, or sword..."

I also learned a lot from Ruth abt not speaking harshly abt orpah. Thinking abt this, they were in all that pain together...yet when Orpah left, Ruth did not bad-mouth her. Hmmm. Never in a million years would I have learned this lesson from Ruth...I've never seen it this way before...

Jaycee said...

Chichi, when is ur birthday?

Oh, before I forget...the red of the post may not have been the best color against ur background...I actually had to highlight the entire post to read it very well. You can edit the color if u like...

Love ya! See u tomorrow...*wink*

chichi said...

@jaycee: from red 2 blu u like? my buffday is 2day o! thank God for his faithfulness.