Monday, 12 May 2008

Remembering her.

today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine, who died sometime last year.
i had plans today; like light a candle etc... but i did not get on to doing that.

when i heard of her death; i cried my eyes sore, for days she was in my dreams. i really liked her alot; i am not really prone to making friends easily... or even trusting people enough to call them that but she was different.

the girl liked me and i knew it in all the little ways she showed it. she always wanted me looking good, always wanted me 'hooked', always wanted me doing well in school. she was not perfect; but you know how when loved ones die all we remember is how wonderfully fantastic they were!

i know i am not the one who misses her most, but i hope i am not the one who misses her the least.

she passed away so suddenly; like i ... no one saw it coming. she was so young; so full of dreams; she wanted to work in GSK.... possibly marry her boyfried at the time.

we really were as close as we could be. she was a good person, who believed in jesus. and that is why a long time ago i stopped crying over her... because she is truly with our heavenly father.

my prayer this morning as i rembered what today was/would have been : was that we know just how fragile this life is.... it can end like that *snaps finger*... we only pray to fufil our destinies and live out our dreams.... but why do we , or some of us procastinate on those thigs we can get done today on those changes we can begin to make in our lives.

not all of us will be old and grey, and have those moments to sit back and relive yesterday...[though the prayer is we would al make it then]. today counts, this moment, NOW IS IMPORTANT.

the bible says 'make use of every oppurtunity'. in church yesterday the message ws 'Jesus wants us to enjoy our lives.'that is why he came , that is why he died.

so lets live, as cliche as it sounds: lets live as though tomorrow is not a given. because as morbid as it may sound it really is not.

lets give God our best today
lets give loved ones our best today
today is the day to laugh, sing loudly and out of tune in the shower!! [like me]

now is the time to live....
to live a life that is without shame and regret when we come before his throne.

olaitan rest in peace. thank you for your friendship.

his peace. chichi.


Ms. emmotions said...

oh !
may she find rest in the bossom of the Lord

chichi said...

@ ms emmotions: amen to that. by the way i gbadun ur blog well well!!lol


may her soul continue to rest in peace.

Take it easy, ok? God is always in control.

Be silent said...

She is well where she went...... Jesus i don't know what to say but i think we should let the people we love know coz we might not have that much time here...

chichi said...

@ solomonsydelle: God is always in contrl indeed!! thanks for visitin

@ be silent: yup, yup and yup!i so agree.

Pink-satin said...

i am so sorry about your friend!

tobenna said...

Remembering, sometimes helps us to become better people. Helps me understand that I'm here for a purpose.

Believer said...

Powerful post, reminds me about what's really important in a world of deadlines and to-do lists, i must live in a way that will make me smile when I meet the one who loves me most. I hope you are ok? It is well.

On a lighter note, like the new template...seems like everytime I come here there is something new...just like His mercies, new every morning. Take care and God bless

Free-flowing Florida said...

my condolence, dear. i've lost friends, but none so close. still, i can imagine how u feel. take heart dear

Jarrai said...

Lovely post, a reminder of life and our mortality

May your friend rest in peace, my prayers are with her

Take heart girl...God has everything mapped out. It will be well. (hugs)

Jaycee said...

My best lines:

"...lets give God our best today,
lets give loved ones our best today,
today is the day to laugh, sing loudly and out of tune in the shower!!!

I was truly thrilled when you talked about her knowing Jesus...that line made me realize that there's something MORE than this life we're living...something greater than this physical existence...

Ollay said...

Well written, Chichi, am sure she's resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving really candid and encouraging words.

LG said...

May her soul continue to rest in peace-AMEN

Dearie,It is well!!!!!