Saturday, 26 April 2008

from sun-rise to sun set

hebrews 10: 35
'do not throw away this confident trust in the lord,
no matter what happens.
remember the great reward it brings you!'
beautiful verse; the part that got to me is ofcourse the line i have highlighted... 'no matter what happens'.
and you and i know alot CAN and HAS happened in our lives; in this journey of faith... things that wore us out, made us doubt, made us question; some of us even let go... only to rush back and regain hold of our faith....
'no matter what happens'
maybe this is a reminder; to hold on.
a reminder to believe in the promise of your Lord
a reminder to trust in his love and mercy that ENDURETH FOREVER.
from sun rise to sun set....
from the moutain top even unto the valley
no matter what happens.... do not throw away this confident trust you have in the lord; remember the great reward it brings you.
it is well. faithfulness is his[God's] very character [psalm 89: 8].
his peace. chichi.


shalewa said...

i have to admit i've lost faith in god before.but one way or the other,i had faith again.sometimes it's difficult.but god understands and is always willing to help with our unbelief.he wud never dissapoint us.even when things are not rosy,god's word remains true.i was reminded of that thru ur post.

Be silent said...

Hey just passing by Chichi is my nickname so i thought i would check on another chichi

chichi said...

@shalewa: yea bin thr too. thank God for his faithfulness that IS even when we are unfaithful. i always wonder tho, WHY; why do we find it hard to to TRUST someone who has NEVER failed? God help us! thnx 4 visisting.

@ be silent: 'nick-name-sake' how now?lol. thnx 4 dropin by.x

Jaycee said...

I really really really needed that reminder..."no matter what happens."

It reminds me of that scripture that says even death shall not separate me from the love of Christ.

This message is exactly what I needed this morning...(u don't even know). Lord, I won't throw away my confident trust in matter what happens.

Rinsola said...

"Faithfulness is His very character" That's heavy and deep. Thanks for sharing

Allied said...

No matter what happens...

I pray i continue to strust in me and nothing will sway me (amen)