Tuesday, 23 September 2008

from my heart...

i guess i have been away this long again just becos i am wondering the relevance of my voice or its impact. i admit this sounds a bit 'somehow' but i guess with all the voices out there you wonder what use is yours, you guys are all saying the samething... if i keep silent who will notice?

answer: God will.

i have been at home being bored and busy at the same time, having lots of time on my hands to wonder... who am i kidding... worry and fret about my life and whot is or is yet to be. i have been so preoccupied with me that i have excused my not being here sharing God's truth as me not seeing the need to join the choir out there!!

when did it become about me? it never was and it never will be. i am part of a bigger picture, a grander plan that jeahova himself is sorting out. it is humbly when i realize it is not about me... to give of myself to those who need it even when i want to curl up and sap strength from some one else.

'when kings wake up it is a dangerous thing' i heard this from a man of God, he was talking about understanding you and i are more than our jobs or the position/role we take or play in our daily lives, there is something in us that the world is hungry for!

sometimes one can not help but give a smirk at the attempt to beilieve that you are relevant to the world!! i mean the whole wide world!!

i am important.

say that with me 'I AM IMPORTANT.' every morning, and before you sleep at night. say it with faith, say it with a picture of your personal greatness in your mind. I AM IMPORTANT.

i guess we all fall into the trap of feeling insignificant but it is good to know we can never be; if i was why am i still here? if there was no reason for my life or voice i would not be here or experince the things i have which enable me to contribute meaningfully in other peoples lives.

to be relevant to the world you have to be relevant to those who make up your personal world. be a contributor.


if you refuse to speak out, or take action people will suffer from that. in the parable of the sower, the seeds that fell on thorny paths were people who got excited about God and took in truth, but allowed 'life' take the truth away, the living bible translation [to paraphase] says these people did not mature, they did not go deeper and hence could not help others to grow.

the growth of someone you know intimately or not depends on you, depends on me.

so i resolve to raise my voice and join the melody that declares Jesus the same, yesterday and forever!!!

his peace. my love. Chichi


Jaycee said...

I repeated those two sentences you asked us to repeat. I am important. You are important. We are all important in one little way or another. I won't forget that.

"...when kings wake up it is a dangerous thing..."

Chichi, I see royalty in your wake...thanks for this reminder...

Believer said...

Chichi, thanks for this, you are important and I am important as well. There is power in One, but at the end of the day we are more than One because we have heaven's backing. Don't worry o, all that God has for you with your name on will be your portion in the mighty name of Jesus. You were created to OVERCOME!

Believer said...

chichi where art thou? Thou shalt no longer have the opportunity to hide behind no internet connectivity. Behold, thou must update or.......