Thursday, 11 September 2008

what do I say?

it has been a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg while; i have been pondering what my 'first post' in months should be about.

something intense, start off with a funny story, go deep, stay on the surface?? what do i say?

well this blog is all about life and God, and life in God. so i will go as the spirit leads; plus this blog is not about me... not my alter, it is to God and to anyone out there who needs a pick me up ... should God 'pick you up' through any post here. wow! i will be so honored and blest.

christains are not perfect people with perfect lives; they are people who aim for perfection while the perfector perfects all that concerns them daily. i say this to remind myself not to look down on myself or anyone who loves God but falls short now and then; we wont get it right all the time, if we would there will be no need for grace.

i thank God for a wonderful holiday with my family; today i am forced to remember people who do not have that especially in the wake of today seven years ago in the US... the hurt and horror will not die. i prayed to God for him to comfort those people who lost family and friends, those who with the death of a husband, father, mother, wife, child lost the zeal and will to live, i prayed for comfort, his comfort. the bible tells me God is the God of all comfort. ALL, no matter the hurt he knows the words to say, the way to hold you and i to ease us from the crushing pain in our hearts.

someone will ask if there is a God then why do 'bad' things happen world over? i can not claim to know the anwer to that, but i am convinced there is a God; he lives, he speaks i am convinced. for as many things that raise questions to God's exitence, there are thousands that testify to it.

in time of hardship and anguish we who are God's chosen ones are called to trust him, TRUST him; a pslam says 'with all your heart' once again ALL. as my sister would say 'i may not see his hand but i trust his heart'.

somedays ago i spent time in prayer thanking God for his love. HIS LOVE is divine, his love chases the darkness away... for his love is the light at the end of the tunnel, his love is the reason why you and i SHOULD hope in him.

gosh now so much wants to pour out of me, for a second i had planned to just say 'stay tuned' lol.

what do i say? i say this HIS LOVE IS REAL, AND IT IS ABOUT TIME WE TRUST IN IT.

his peace. my love. chichi


~Mimi~ said...

weird how both of us have been away for so long (though i'm not as bad as you) and i jus came on today when u posted!

guess i'm first too!!! :)

simeoneomobaba said...

you are a God-lover.....i get excited when i come across people like you..

Jaycee said...

Why do bad things happen to good people? A classic question of all times...

And it makes me KNOW for certain that there is MORE than this to life...

Missed your writings dearie...*smiles*

Red Sapphire said...

nice blog...its my first tyme....

Believer said...

hiya welcome back. Thanks for keeping it real. God's comfort is unexplainable. Thank God for God. You are blessed.

Parakeet said...

So true...God's love for us is the single reason we're here today.

Nice to have you back and good to know you enjoyed your holiday.

Rita said...

Chichi, this is well written and well said...It's like you echoed some of my thoughts and concerns. I like ur statement "... Christians are not perfect people with perfect lives..."

God is good and His love is real...thanks for sharing