Friday, 31 October 2008

getting personal

psalm 145 :10-11

'all your works will thank you, Lord.... they will talk about the glory of your kingdom; they will celebrate examples of your power....[12] they will talk about your mighty deeds.'

i had this idea... or rather i believe God gve me an idea about how 'we' could use blogger and 'get personal' about our God, why we believe in him, the things he has done for us that just cause us to recognize his pressence, his power and coolness.

i wanted 'us' to share 'examples of his [God's] power', because when we declare through our testimonies or what have you that 'he is' it is just an amazing thing, God needs us to declare him, not because without that he ceases to exist or be the soverign God that he is; but because it is an awesome thing for him to know we will stand up for him, we will challenge [not in a 'gra-gra' way tho!] those who say otherwise. one thing God responds to so much, one thing that excites him is our faith in him-our confidence in all he is.

i wanted beliver to do start 'this' off, i guess she does not grab the hints i have been dropping that i am quite a shy person, i guess she assumes because i talk endlessly with her it is the same way i am with everybody!!lol

i will do a proper post tomorrow, in line with everything i have tried to explain. and if anyone is interested, please get on board.

everything in life is a choice even this, so if you choose great if not... i guess my marketing skills need to be tuned up!!

anyway simeone, thanks for the nomination o! i guess my speech will also have to wait because right now i gats to get ready for school!!

y'all have a wonderful and graced day.

his love. chichi

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Jaycee said...

Great Shy shy!