Saturday, 1 November 2008

a glimpse into yesterday

I must admit that i had second thoughts about doing this, telling about God's goodness to me is one thing, getting all personal is another!!

but I got reminded about a sermon my brother gave a while back at church, where he said it is about GOD all the time and not about ME... and so knowing that not sharing a testimony is making me more important than God somewhat, i have decided to come out, thank God for the boldness!!

God has done alot for me and my family to be honest, picking out one singular thing is difficult because he has done so much for me; for us.

i was looking for the verse in the bible that talks about God being faithful even in our unfaithfulness, i think is hebrews but i am not sure where [if u know abeg tell me.].

2007 was a very difficult year for me and my family; we seemed to be receving hits fro everyside, battles being fought left, right and centre, mehn it was not beans or yam at all!!

it is good that i can make a joke about it now, because in that time, i did not know who God was anymore, i did not recognize him, and he seemed to be too quiet for my liking...

my sister had a miscarrage and she got pregant again, but that too had drama, i remember the night she woke up to pee only to be soaked in blood, i was so scared my sister ran straight into my mother's room at 2a.m there about, i can still see the look on her face when she said ' i wanted to pee... i am bleeding'. we just us ladeis got into the car, speaking in tounges calling on God all the way to the hospital; my heart was in my mouth... would you believe that it happend again!!

my brother had been studying for a phd and at the end the university gave him a diploma; to say he was gutted is an understatement... he worked hard very hard; i know because i remember seeing him on the floor of the living room books all around him... researching stuff on a laptop he burrowed from a friend. did we pray? kai we-as in my entire family prayed fire and thunder when we gathered to pray as a family and even individually. but somehow he got a diploma, we are shaken up...

what about yours truly? there was a problem with my admission at the university i attended, and i had to wait indefinately till it was sorted out! talk about drama; my mates were attending classes, sitting exam and i was at home, or at the uni begging Mr. A and Mr. B to look into my case. to be honest with you at a point i snapped, as in i snapped snapped.... my life was becoming a living hell!

2007 was a difficult year... very difficult indeed. we prayed, we cried.... my family almost lost me....

but that was not the end at all....

my sister on the 4th of febuary 2008 gave birth to the most amazing and cutest baby ever [second to my own sha when the time comes lol!] even with all the drama that happened in that preganacy God enabled her carry it to full term!! he is amazing... and did i say my neice is the cutest baby ever?

my brother got a first class from oxford university, he did a programme with them and got a first class!! now is God not too much, and not from one 'small' university o! Oxford university!!!

and me... i got out into the UK to start school; even though i have had to go from the beginning... i feel God's hand and love everyday i am here. my brothers keep telling me i am better off here, whenever i tend to get so overwhemled and scared... and I know i am even in the 'little' things i see God working out something really great. i had thought i had no future-that it was over, but i see God is just getting started with me! halleluyah.

God is good, to any of his sons and daughters out there having a trying period; God is good- and this too shall pass, I -WE can testify to that.

tough times will come, but God is able to carry you through them, and his love is dependable.

to those who are yet to know him- God loves you, and even though you do not acknowlege him he will forever be good to you. try him and you will be glad you did... he is a father, a friend, and a worthy saviour.


father WE are trusting you for so much more, thank you because you are ever faithful and you will come through.

i would not proof read this, as i feel so 'naked' already! no mind me shey is me that wanted to do 'testimony time' anyhow. ..just so that i do not 'edit' anything so pardon any spelling error.

his peace. chichi


Jaycee said...

Wow...Chichi. I know that through these testimonies, many will see God's face. Many will come to know Him for who He truly is.

I can't wait for the things God is about to do, even in my life...because I am in a passage myself right now. Thanks for this. Can't wait to give my testimonies as well. :)

chichi said...

it is well, and i am in agreement with u to recieve a divine miracle and have a mouth watering testimony!


plus u are first!! whoo ho! abi?

Kafo said...

hmmmmm this is a testimony to the song
He makes all things beautiful in His time

i guess for us myself being the chief i just have to pray and be patient

hmmm and that i have to admit is the hardest part of it all

Believer said...

Sweety, I guess you have got the ball rolling now! Thank God for the testimonies He has given you, ise oluwa wa ti se, ko le baje. It is well! I thank God that I came across your blog short that is a testimony in itself, remain blessed

chichi said...

kafo: tell me about it!!!lol. by his grace we will stand in faith unto victory.
amen. i visited ur blog 4 d first time and btw ur blog is really for d lack of better words :sweet, i thot jaycee had monopolized on d sweetness factor!! lol

beliver: nne u are blessed truly and thoroughly! it is well. x

simeone said...

wow..this is so powerful..thank God y'all came thru everything..ur life is already a testimony and you are actually not were God is taking you yet..same thing for jaycee believer kafo reverence....
wow..thank god for your lives..peace

chichi said...

@ simeone: AMEN o! it is well with us all becos God is merciful and good.