Monday, 10 November 2008


thank you for the sunlight
i no longer have to fight
for now you give me rest
for now all is well
and whenever the sea may churn

Lord you will see me through
because you never change
as you did yesterday so you will do today.

i cry each time i remember
how sad i used to be
how misery and depression
never let me see

all that you were doing
all that you had given

to go through the night
and wake up to your light.

my faithlessness could not keep you bound.
my lord i bow before your throne
my foolishness did not make you turn away
you saved me.... Lord you saved me.

i look at the days ahead
and i smile in my heart
because lord, you have made things right again.

because you answer prayers Lord i will pray
and i will by grace trust you through my pain.

Today is a new begining for me-thank you-
i can dream of a 'happy-ending'
Lord you saved a soul, i hope you know.
my soul forever thanks you.

and when darkness falls on my world;
Jesus help me to say 'thy will be done.'
holy spirit teach me to be stay strong-
and I know I will come out of the storm

full of Joy because I overcome.


"we are often troubled but not crushed, sometimes in doubt but never in dispair, there are many enemies but we are never without a FRIEND, though badly hurt atimes never destroyed."

his peace. chichi


Believer said...

It is well, this is beautiful...

Jaycee said...

"We are often troubled but not crushed..."

That line sums it all...