Friday, 28 November 2008

imagine me...

I just can’t stand …
Her beauty my ugliness
Her righteousness my shame
Her peace my burdens
Her laughter my tears
Her openness my fear of letting go
Her faith my doubts
But he still loves me I am not her and he doesn’t mind at all
In my ugliness he sees beauty
He gave me his righteousness
Took my burdens and gave his peace
Enjoys my laughter and wipes my tears
Wants to hear my heart, he wants me free from fears
He has given me a measure of faith and even when it feels as small as a mustard seed most times … it still moves mountains
I am not her but he stands beside me now, always, forever.

God doesn't compare us with anyone- so if you're anything like me i've got 3 words for you:
break the habit!!
his love and peace. chichi


simeone said...

thats very true chichi..he never compares us with any other person..
he loves us just the way we are and carries us in that love to who he wants us to be..
nice piece

Nwa Chi said...

Thank God He loves us despite our flaws and imperfections.