Friday, 5 December 2008

something for the soul

Take my hand lord, do not let me fall
This world is cold lord and you are all I got
Make me smile lord
Warm my heart with your love
Once again lord arise, arise

Wipe my eyes lord and heal my heart
Take it all lord, the pain, the guilt
Make me clean lord, so I can stand
Once again lord arise, arise

Have your way lord
I am wholly thine
All I have lord is no longer mine
Make me worthy, make me clean for you
Once again lord arise, arise

Fight my battles, save my soul
You’re my hero, you’re my only hope
Let me know lord your grace and glory
Once again lord arise, arise

Arise, lord arise for me
Arise, lord arise
Take no more lord come set me free.
Once again lord arise, arise.


1 comment:

Olamild said...

So beautiful
So inspirational
`Just what I needed