Tuesday, 6 January 2009

this thing called grace

so as you all know 'levels has changed!!' lol- as in my blog title or is it banner. amongst other things, it is also a remider to me that if not for Grace nothing that he has done, he is doing or yet to do will be, has been or is possible.

Grace is a leveler, the christain of ten plus years and the one of 10 seconds are both covered by grace. if we want to be honest so many of 'saved ones' tend to get all high and what not conciously or not, looking down on people who are saved but don't act/talk or walk like it or even those who are totally on the other side of the fence. I can be honest it happens to me everynow and again.

But I had a humbling experice and I heard that word "Grace."
i realized that honestly Grace had never meant more to me than its meaning now, 2009 is a year of Grace, of Gods Grace.

Grace is a force so strong and at work within us that causes us to cease from struggling with the same things, that enables us to declare victory over the very things that we( in the absence of grace) could have failed at.

Grace is the enviable generosity of God: blessed so much, people-even you are amazed. Grace is not about perfomance, but about who God is.

Ps23:3 'he leads me beside green pastures for HIS name sake.'

my hope is to come to rely more and more on grace, and to Know about this thing called grace.

But the trick is if grace abounds, as God said to paul 'My grace is sufficient for you.' why bother about uprightness, about the things of God since Grace is God choosing to be generous, tolerant, kind and understanding inspite of our short comings et al.

well grace is God's gift to us, in the form of his word, his son, his holy spirit and all other things pertaining to our salvation.

what is our gift to God? it is a love that causes us not to take his gift of grace for granted, in the absence of relying on self-power to fufil his calling of holiness upon our lives (1pet.2:13-16) but embracing everything he has made avaliable, provided inorder that we might fufil that calling;things as general as his word, and fellowship with the spirit, and the house of God i.e. church; and more specific like christain friends/mentors, christian literature and blogsville!!!

father in the name of Jesus I thank you for your Grace, for what it means and what it is meaning to me. for what it gives and what it is givivng to me. Lord let your grace transform me from the inside out, let your grace remain my testimony. in your grace i move, live and have my being. thank you lord in jesus name.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit (Phil.4:23).chichi

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dr. ekwegh said...

Grace amazes me.
You put it so beautifully.
It is Grace that makes it a joy to live for Him and for others