Wednesday, 25 February 2009



"For since he himself has been through suffering and temptation, he knows what it is like when we suffer and are tempted, and he is wonderfully able to help us."

being a tad light skinned, i wear my bruises or scratches for the world to see(LOL); they are always reddish looking.

yesterday was one of those days of bearing a bruise for the world to see. I had just gone to do my much over due grocery shopping right after classes. there I was with two very full and might I had heavy shopping bags and my heavy school bag set to walk the next 5 minutes there about to my dorm. I thought "EASY! I can hustle with the weight... its just 5 minutes. " so I refused to call my flat mate to meet me up at the store.

my journey to my dorm began and boy was it agony with a capital 'A' my school hand bag kept sliping from my shoulders, the weight of my shopping bags was enough to convince me that in a matter of seconds both my arms would just fall off. i struggled badly, and some how, my hand-bag consipered with my wrist watch (I can not explain this part) but in the process of my bag slipping from my shoulders and me trying to get it back in place while keeping my grip on my two shopping bags, I got injured and now i have a reddish bruise on my left hand to show for it.

today it is a lot better not as swollen as it was yesterday, but still very much red. and now I think, I should have called my flat mate to help!!

The verse above took on a whole new meaning for me, why are we so adamant, so stubborn some times to go to Jesus for help. Why do we tend to feel on other occassions that he just can't understand where we are, and what we are facing, or even allowing guilt to make us feel we do not deserve to go to him and cry out "I HAVE MESSED UP. HELP ME!"

Grace in effect is embodied in Jesus Christ, who came, Lived like man and died and rose again. We are quick to remember the rose again part, but too often we forget he lived as a man, he was a teenager, a young adult, flesh and blood... tempted in ever way YET without sin.

HE AVOIDS NO SEEKERS, do not be like me and go it alone for whatever reason, you do not have to bear the scars of your struggles; in fact you should not be struggling at all! His grace can teach you how to handle the Goliath you face Today and even Tomorrow. RUN TO HIM, WALK TO HIM, CRAWL TO HIM... just go to him, and let him 'SHOW YOU HOW IT IS DONE!'

i am off to put vaseline on the bruise!!lol

keep surviving on grace. chichi


Rita said...

Everytime I read your posts, I am filled with joy. Sometimes when I am musing, I just hear the word "Grace" jump out.

Just want you to know you are doing a great job. More vaseline to your elbows: -)

And the bruise..

chichi said...

@Rita: THANK YOU; You have made my day. may the joy of the lord remain our strength. his Grace is amazing isn't it!!

Believer said...

True word...funny enough I was musing on a similar thing, you know me and my big bags. I think this word is a confirmation to me about laying down heavy burdens I have been carrying at the foot of the Master and allowing Him be the Burden removing God that He is.

Nne, ndo o. More vaseline to your elbows..

Amara is amazing...(innit!)

simeone said...

enlightning. every true christian sld know this..cos ..goin it alone is a sure formula for exhuastion and failure

Danny Bagucci said...

Word.... We often feel like we can handle it ourselves, instead of reaching out to the one who wants to help us out... Thanks for sharing...

chichi said...

@believer: Amara is amazing!!! on 2 counts!

@simeone:u are right 'true' christians shuld know this, but sadly a lot of us 'true' christians know it in the head n not in the heart.

@Danny B: thanks for adding me on ur blogroll and AMEN to going to the one who WANTS to help us out!!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice post and nice blog. I'm glad i came across it

Olufunke said...

YOu are right o!
We leave GOD out of a lot, and try to do thigns esppecially from our past experinces
I liek the title "HE avoids no seekers"
I pray to be a seeker.

First time here, I believe I will always find this site inspiring