Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A prayer for the heavy heart:

Father in heaven, I worship you and give you praise for you alone are God, and forever you are worthy.
Lord Jesus you know pain both the physical and the emotional, your hands were pierced, you were beaten so much you could barely walk, barely stand straight. at the time you needed your friends they left, the moment you needed your Father he looked away.
It's funny how so many times we feel you can't understand a heavy heart, we feel you can't understand fear and pain... when there is that picture of you praying so passionately and fervently at gethsemane. That's why you are the ideal high priest of your people.

Jesus friend of the broken hearted, and the weary soul, You who is the God of all comfort. you who understands when no one else can... you who never belittles our pain, doubts or fears. Jesus I ask you to stay close just as you said in your word that you are close to the broken hearted... I ask that tonight you will wipe every tear, and sedate every restless and stressed spirit.

I ask Lord that you will offer counsel, peace and strength. Just when we begin to believe we can't go on...Jesus empower us from within.

Help me to be more sensitive to the needs and pains of others around me. I believe in you Jesus,

Thank you Lord because you never turn away a seeker. Give us your strength O Lord, and testimony, For we belong to you, we believe in you Jesus. You Can bring us out for you are a deliverer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Guess the good part is he never ceases to listen.. and he hears......

chichi said...

@ dbthinks:

that is true :)

disgodkidd said...


The poets voice ~~~ said...

This is a prayer I 've found myself praying a lot recently.
Some people really don't know that God understands a heavy heart.
When studying my Bible a few days ago, I learnt that God wants us to involve our emotions when we pray.He doesn't want all dat robotic prayer, He desires a relationship which is why He made us in the first place!He wants us to tell Him what is getting us down (even though He knows already).

Also, Jesus came to the earth as man so we can relate to Him. In Human flesh, he felt pain, sadness and agony..He experienced a heavy heart even so much so that HE 'wept' when one of his 'friends' died. Who better to take your heavy heart to than Jesus?!

Finally, while we pray for those who have a heavy heart, it is important that we are also sensitive to those around us.Let God use us as instruments of His peace to bring joy to a saddened heart nearby.Amen

God bless you Chichi!!have a splendid weekend.x

chichi said...

@ disgodkidd: AMEN.

@poets voice: yes there is so much pain and hurt. sometimes we get so engrossed in our personal 'dramas' that we forget to reach out to people who need us. Its hard, but God will help us to share and extend his grace as he fills us up. Amen.

have a blest weekend.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Amen... He is the great comforter...Yes Lord, give us your strength,zeal and power to keep on going, to get that testimony that will strengthen our brothers and sisters, like you said to Peter,"...and when you have returned to Me,strengthen your brethren.” Luke 22:31...

God bless you girl..

Have an awesome weekend.

Much Love

David C Brown said...

Very fine. It reminds me of:
"There is rest in the Saviour's heart
Who never turned sorrow away,
But has found, in what sin had made our part,
The place of His love's display."

See this old hymn in full at http://www.stempublishing.com/authors/darby/MISCELLA/62000E.html#50