Thursday, 9 April 2009


it is my humble opinion that the best of us have been there. where? in a place where nothing HE is feels real, not his love, or his word or his person.

today i was reminded about the story of Peter. a story told and heard so many times, but still moving all the same. the moment Peter took his eyes of Jesus, the moment Peter thought 'check me out. i'm walking on water.' he cowered at the sight of the storm. his eyes beheld that which was mighter than him,and he cried out to Jesus, and Jesus quickly reached out and saved him.

i like what TD jakes said once, 'life happens' sometimes its the enemy of our souls trying to hit us hard, and sometimes is a life-hap. when these things happen we shake, i shake... i cry out in pain, i doubt that he hears me or that even if he hears, he would answer. sometimes we go through the motions while we struggle with what we believe.Today I was encouraged to 'go through it.' and i know its easier said than done, but it is possible never the less Paul said 'I can do all things through Christ my strength.'

Faith comes to crisis when it becomes about us. when we are zoned in on ourseleves we would definately see the storm and cower, because we know our limitation. eyes off Jesus is the begining of the crisis.

its easy to get puffed up. feel self-righteous. to look at where we are, what we have and take sole credit. I am guessing Peter forgot who called him out of the boat and began to marvel at his ability to walk on water, suddenly it became about him and not the power at work in him, the Messiah who stood before him.

is your faith in crisis today? return your eyes to Jesus. take time away, just as you would with a lover and be with him. let him hold you, assure you, let him lift you. you don't have to drown, he wants to save. he is at the ready.

I believe he longs deeply to be there for you and I always.

the storm may be greater than you. But look at who called you out of the boat.

happy easter.

I thank you Jesus for coming, dying, and rising. I will never know how much it cost to see my sins upon the cross. why you would care for me, me of all people I still can't understand. I love you so much. the grace to believe always in you. in Jesus name.

keep surviving on grace. chichi


Mimi said...

I love the word Grace so much!

We can only lean on His Grace and live by faith as Christians.

God also said this is a period of Grace which is good.

How are you?

Mimi said...

he he he, I'm sure you're wondering why I talked about Grace cos your post's on faith...

but I just saw the NAME of your blog again and it caught my attention...

yea I love Grace.

Jaycee said...

Posts like yours just energizes my spirit and renews my! Thank you. I won't keep my eyes away from my Master.

chichi said...

@ Mimi: thanx 4 coming by. everyday i am humbled by how much i need his grace.

@jaycee: wow! ur comment brought me to tears. i don't know why God shares himself wit me. i am glad he does. i am glad these words did something within u too.

simeone said...

hmmm..true words, deep words ..
i just need to keep my eyes on Him..i try really hard not to get carried away and think..i'm the man..thank God for his faithfulness

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Wow!! "Faith comes to crisis when it becomes about us".
This post speaks truth, crystal clear like glass.

When we take our eyes off the bigness of our God, we see the bigness of the storm...
As long as your eyes are on the Master every other thing becomes small, minute and zeroed to nothing!