Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My High Priest

I read this and was touched, it made my morning hope it makes yours too.

He Did It Just For You
by Max Lucado

When God entered time and became a man, he who was boundless became bound. Imprisoned in flesh. Restricted by weary-prone muscles and eyelids. For more than three decades, his once limitless reach would be limited to the stretch of an arm, his speed checked to the pace of human feet.

I wonder, was he ever tempted to reclaim his boundlessness? In the middle of a long trip, did he ever consider transporting himself to the next city? When the rain chilled his bones, was he tempted to change the weather? When the heat parched his lips, did he give thought to popping over to the Caribbean for some refreshment?

If ever he entertained such thoughts, he never gave in to them. Not once. Stop and think about this. Not once did Christ use his supernatural powers for personal comfort. With one word he could’ve transformed the hard earth into a soft bed, but he didn’t. With a wave of his hand, he could’ve boomeranged the spit of his accusers back into their faces, but he didn’t. With an arch of his brow, he could’ve paralyzed the hand of the soldier as he braided the crown of thorns. But he didn’t.

Want to know the coolest thing about the coming?

Not that he, in an instant, went from needing nothing to needing air, food, a tub of hot water and salts for his tired feet, and, more than anything, needing somebody—anybody—who was more concerned about where he would spend eternity than where he would spend Friday’s paycheck.

Not that he kept his cool while the dozen best friends he ever had felt the heat and got out of the kitchen. Or that he gave no command to the angels who begged, “Just give the nod, Lord. One word and these demons will be deviled eggs.”

Not that he refused to defend himself when blamed for every sin since Adam. Or that he stood silent as a million guilty verdicts echoed in the tribunal of heaven and the giver of light was left in the chill of a sinner’s night.

Not even that after three days in a dark hole he stepped into the Easter sunrise with a smile and a swagger and a question for lowly Lucifer—“Is that your best punch?”

That was cool, incredibly cool.

But want to know the coolest thing about the One who gave up the crown of heaven for a crown of thorns?

He did it for you. Just for you


Mimi said...

See, this is why I started reading Max Lucado books at the age of 11!

Love how he has allowed God to use his talent of words for HIS GLORY.

'with a swagger..:)' Max Lucado's hip now.

Hey Chichi :)

chichi said...

@ MImi: I love Max Lucado, God speaks so clearly thru him. and yup the guy is moving with the times!LOL.

Hey U.

Telekinesys said...

Max always delivers. Nice extract.
Quiting energizing.

Fanny said...

Love the use of words to paint a great picture... and yes, i love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice.. Love Max Lucado too.. He's got a way with words.. Timely reminder too.. Thanks for osharing...

simeone said...

really nice piece..thanks for sharing..that question to the devil was really cool..but i'm overwhelmed that he did it all for me..


wow. Had never even heard of max Lucado...

chichi said...

@ Tele,: yes Max Lucado is a blessing isn't he.

@ JustDB: thnx 4 coming by.
@simeone: he did all for you o! he did it all for ME! crazy but amazing as well.

@SD: ok my advice is get one of his books!!!

@ Fanny: awww! thank u so much for the nice words.