Wednesday, 29 April 2009

words of hope

this is something I wrote in 2006, reading it today was rather comforting.

Blessed, Broken and Given.

Who needs this word more than I do? We all do because we all go through life in need of encouragement, a “pick-me-up” a “life-line” you dig? So the answer to my question is everyone; everyone needs this word maybe more than I do, maybe as much as I do; may not be for today but for someday.
You know how puzzles come; scattered, disjointed, looking so senseless … am talking about those picture ones. On the case there is a picture of how it is to look; Mickey and Minnie mouse smiling in their convertible… and you can’t even figure where to begin; you cannot make sense out of any of the puzzle pieces.
The word of God is that case; telling you that you are blessed, you have all you need, it is well with your soul, your future is wonderful, good things are in store for you; you will find love, get healed name it … it’s a book of positive promises but your life is the pieces of the puzzle- it feels empty, hopeless, without, troubled, shattered, un mended and worst of it feels impossible that your life is the same life pictured on that case { in the bible}.

Blessed, the bible tells us this ‘blessed is the man who trusts in the lord” to be blessed means to be anointed, special, favored, honored made enviable. You are blessed, and that is always the truth even when circumstance speaks a different word let your final word be this; the word of God- you are a special, favored, honored and anointed person hallelujah! There is no curse on you, you are not unlucky, and there is no reproach in your life present or in future. God has blessed you and no one or nothing can take that calling away from you.

Broken, the word says that God disciplines those he loves. John 16 vs. 33b says: “in this world you will have trouble’. Apostle Paul wrote ‘fight the good fight of faith’. We will be broken by life-we can not run or hide away from that. There will be troubles; there will be fights to keep faith. You will feel weary, doubtful, scared about when it will get better; nights... long nights of discomfort. Some of you are here in your lives; some of you can remember this place from your past; we have all been broken by life- we all will at one time or the other. Are you ready to breathe a sigh of relief? Yes? Let’s read Romans 8 vs. 28 ‘and we know that all things work for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ and 1cor 2:9 ‘No eye has seen nor ears heard nor mind conceived what God plans for those who love him’. I told you to expect a sigh of relief. Isn’t this scripture just beautiful, more beautiful because it is the truth for any situation or circumstance a lover of God finds themselves in! you may be broken today be assured that brokenness is your testimony tomorrow- as long as you love God you will smile at the end. Now I know how cliché that sounds but believe me he who gave this word (all of scripture is God given) is faithful everyday and will surely perfect it.

Given, the lord commanded us in his word “be holy as I am holy’. At the end of the trial, tribulation, or test we come out closer to our purpose than before- Romans 8 vs. 29 says “... For whom God foreknew he predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his son (Jesus)”. The ultimate purpose of every believer is to be more like Christ; to shed off the sin the weight that hinders us from being so. Every situation has a plan in your life and that is to make you more like the one who died for you on Calvary; to make you more full of faith and more faithful, more compassionate to others, more sensitive to his spirit, for him to be more lord of your life, for you to be more courageous , more holy, more at peace , more joyous, more worthy … at the end of it all you will be more than, you will be so much more than you were before the process came along.

If you want to cry, cry; but cry because it hurts not because you lack faith: for without faith it is impossible to win.
Christ will comfort us, counsel us, carry us, care for us, conquer for us- he will, he surely will.

And may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the sweet fellowship of his spirit rest and abide with us. In Jesus name Amen.



Jaycee said...

Beautiful post...just beautiful...

Rita said...

Did you say this was written in 2006? Imagine how fresh and true it is today!

This is a beautiful post...God! All I am hearing is blessing...

Anonymous said...

Nice... Guess its sometimes difficult to see the HOPE in being BROKEN.. But the discipline is testament to the fact that we are loved...

Favoured Girl said...

Lovely post!

I love your template as well, so bright and cheerful!

David C Brown said...

A needed word of encouragement! "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to purpose".