Monday, 23 March 2009


You are no surprise to God! Yup, God does not look at you or me and go 'O my what was I thinking dying for someone like him/her.'

nothing you do or say surprises God; David put it this way:

"you know my every thought.. you know what I am going to say even before I say it" (psalm 139 2,4).

Mark 14:27 Jesus announced to his disciples "All of you will desert me", Peter like a lot of us refused such a claim, he declared boldly 'I never will.'

we all have said our fair share of never to God haven't we? I know I have, and what do you know, soon after there I am caught in the act!

we all have noble intentions when it comes to our Lord. Like Peter we want God to know "hey! I am your man. You can most definitely count on me to be on top form!" but Just like Peter in the same chapter from verse 66-71, we see ourselves falling short of our very promise, contradicting our noble intentions. what an unexpected surprise!

but not to God. before Peter denied Jesus, Jesus knew about it, before Jesus' disciples desereted him, Jesus knew about it. and this was what he said to them

"All of you will desert me" BUT after I am raised from the dead, I will go ahead of you to Galilee and meet you there."

Before they fell, Jesus had forgiven! O the measure of GRACE.

This is not a license to go out and do what we want, like paul said: we do not continue in the wrong things just because there is grace!

But this is to offer comfort to you and to me, that even when we fall short, and act out contrary to what is in our hearts! Jesus forgives, Jesus has forgiven.

I may be a surprise to me, but not to HIM.

"Love so amazing, so divine
demands my soul, my life, my all."

keep surviving on grace. chichi

thanks for the birthday wishes! xx


simeone said...

this came at a good tym for me..thanks chi-chi. bless you

dbthinks said...

WOW.. Its easy for us to speak out of zeal and say never, its often much more difficult to follow thru on those words.... If only we would rest on Grace!
Thanks for the reminder.....

Olufunke said...

you are right!
God gives you grace...very long rope every time.
What would we have been, if not for His grace!

Rita said...

I like the way you keep reminding us of His Grace...I am so thrilled to know I am not a surprise to Him...very reassuring.

How was the birthday?

naijagirl said...

sometimes, I am a surprise to me, but its good to realize that I am never a surprise to him

this post has reminded me to do something now....give over the rein to him. thanks

Jaycee said...

"I may be a surprise to me, but not to HIM..."

LOL. I love that line!

omoh said...

grace! god's grace is just...........beyond words.he knows me,my every thot....and still loves me, many times,av acted like simon peter only 4 god to expose my shortcomings and make me realise he loves me.
i loved this post.God bless u.