Friday, 20 March 2009

happy birthday to me!!

so its my birthday today YAY! and i do thank God for every thing this past year even the seemingly unpleasant why? because his word tells me ALL things are working together for my good!

anyway i decided to do something different with this post. just put down some things about me. rather random. but any way here it goes:

• I am a mummy’s baby. And I don’t mind that at all.

• I am not the last born but I am the baby of the house , Everyone ‘babies’ me. I’m so loved.

• I love to write. It is what I do, who I am…

• I am not perfect. Used to think I could be. Still struggle with that but I am learning to accept and to appreciate what grace means.

• I love God. My relationship could be better than what it is now; he will get us there no doubt. I once loved God because of family, but now I love him personally. He does well by me.

• I do not like receiving letters. Anything in a sealed envelope white, brown… I just do not appreciate the suspense of sealed envelopes. Send me an email thank you very much.

• I like ‘me time’ a lot. A lot more than the average person (I think). Sometimes it is based on choice, circumstances or force of habit.

• I love to read. Almost anything in fact.

• I love music. Music inspires me especially the gospel ones; it is an atmosphere I create for myself. The (b) part of this is that I love to start my day with some gospel jamz playing in the back-ground as I get ready.

• I think my voice sounds like a little girl. Only on phone though.

• I am not good at ironing! I do iron but because I am not excellent its my least favourite thing to do.

so there it is.

keep surviving on grace. chichi


dbthinks said...

Hey happy birthday! Your blog is one of those that is making a difference for us who are trying to navigate the treacherous waters on the way back home to God..... Keep it up...

simeone said...

happy birthday chi-chi..
God bless you with His special birthday blessings..\
hav fun

Believer said...

Happy birthday you are painting the town red. I so feel you on the ironing...although I love receiving letters, emails are so impersonal and you can't scribble happy faces on it...anyhoo.. have fun!

Rita said...

Happy Birthday...May you celebrate more birthdays of years filled with joy...

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday!
Nice piece about you, I love that you love so much and enjoy yourself and the things you love.
Does that makes sense.
Any way hope you had a fab day!

Olufunke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ( belated though)
Wishing you a beautiful year ahead.

Interesting random list!
Mummy's baby .....LOL

naijagirl said...

happy birthday in arrears