Monday, 18 February 2008


i do; i really do.

on sunday evening i setteled to study the word of God; and my devotional lead me to this verse in 1peter4:19:
"so if you are suffering according to God's will,
keep doing what is right and trust yourself
to the God who made you, for he never fails."
what struck me the most was "suffering acording to God's will" my mind threw this sentnece around; something in me was not to 'YAY!' about it; then Jesus came into my mind... his death, was a perfect example of suffering according to God's will.
some minutes ago i listened to T.D JAKES on line and he read from the scripture where Jesus said he did not come to bring peace.... and i thought 'WOW!'
we do not become christ-like/ like christ if life is without the challenges and battles, and oppositons! in the beatitudes Jesus said "blessed are you when you are persecuted for my sake..."
TD JAKES talked about "death to your/ my will", "death to sin."
and then this is the TRUTH i got; we who profess and confess christ have to choose death!!
death to our flesh, death to the world... choose a new world a new life where everything about us revolves around Jesus christ our Lord.
some of us do NOT want to die, some of us are HALF dead.... for some reason; we do not want to be LOST in him-JESUS.
for some reason we delay change that makes us better sons and daughters...
for some reason the LIGHT is going out and we are TOO slow to fan it into flame...
for some reason trying... now has no point, makes no sense.
but until you and i are completely dead to self... we will NEVER come alive in Christ; for the bible does say only the pure of heart will see God...
'death' is a scary thing; it is something we rebuke, we refuse, we do not want to think or talk about.
spiritual death is the BEST thing... peter says in his first book chapter 4 vs 13:
instead be VERY glad-because these trials,
will make you partners with christ...
when we live for christ; the trials will come... when we choose death; the devil begins to see us as people he has to bring down... we become a threat to him just as jesus was, as jesus is...
but will the fear of trials unknown stop you and i from choosing death?
his peace. chichi.


Jaycee said...


When u said some of us are HALF dead, something hit me on how that's so true. It's like "I wanna be for you Lord, but then I also wanna go the opposite direction." That's definitely not dying completely to one's "self" and letting God LIVE through one's life.

"we do not become christ-like/ like christ if life is without the challenges and battles, and oppositons!" WORD Chichi...I can't underestimate how true that sentence is...

Thanks Chichi, I'm luvin this passion! :) *wink*

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

great post, i have no comment


thanks for sharing this insight.

chichi said...

@ jaycee: the thing bout revelations is that they blow you away... this one got me; it spoke to me, chalenged and rebuked me.
but when we have a heart ready... God takes over from there.

@ fresh&fab: 'no comment' me amwondering if dats gud or bad o! sha thanks 4 visitn and for the compliment.

@ solomon...: hey thnx 4 comin ova. this ur name na tunge twister my sister. wud def chek u up. l8as

Believer said...

Sweety, thanks for ur concern, it means a LOT! I've been reading but not leaving comments. It's been busy. How are you doing?? And ur neice and sis/brother in law. Trust they are all doing well. Remain blessed and thank you for your wonderful posts, they always serve as a source of encouragement and edification. Love ya!

chichi said...

@beleiver hi girl... nice to av u around.