Friday, 8 February 2008

its just a phase...

"WHEN you ARRIVE in the land the lord your God is giving you as a special possession...." {NLT} Deut26vs1.

i was so comforted when i saw this; and too excited at the same time!! why? because at the end of the day where you are today, where i am today is NOT where we will be forever!!

the storm will end, our tears will cease to flow, the pain will ease our souls.... one day we will wake up having MOVED on UPWARDS!! halleluyah.

i believe when we begin to see the unpleasent situations we face as part of a transition and not our destination, we CAN indeed be filled with hope and joy!!

the reason we often get 'downcast' is cos we tend to believe that we will remain in the Valley... just cos we {in our mind} have been there for a long time OR we do not SEE how possible it is to get out of the valley-issues in our lives.


when he brings you to your canann, when you arrive at your predestined destination.... a land so full, rich by the power of God!!

i have looked ahead with the eyes of FAITH; 'here comes the sun...!!"

chin up baby; HERE COMES THE SUN!!

'the grace to know it wont be like this forever; better days, better days are ahead of you and i."

his peace, my love. chichi.


Rinsola said...

Thanks for sharing Chichi. Just like you said, the reason why we often get downcast, is 'cos we tend to believe we will remain in the valley. It is well.

chichi said...

@rinsola:am feln ths ur pic o!LOL.
yea it is tru... our faith often falls short.thank God for ps 68vs 20: 'our God is a God who saves'
it is NOT over till we WIN!!