Thursday, 21 February 2008


i dunno if like me there is anyone who this is for... but really im writing this for me. getting outside myself and speaking to self....

siting around waiting for things to 'change'? you might as well get ready to wait for a long time....

there is the change that only God can deleiver and there is the change only you can deleiver.

'you need to take charge'. quit crying, mopping, day-dreaming, wishing... and TAKE CHARGE!!

moses did... God said {not really} from here on out it is you... you strech forth that 'stick' and the sea will part.... you dont and well the egyptians will catch up at get ya!

so what are you waiting for.

do the cruches.
do the sit up.
eat right.{try}

your dream {body} will remain a dream other wise.

ps 18 vs 29: God's got your back.

his peace my love.chichi


Believer said...

Chichi, u wrote this for me. I'm wiping my eyes and standing tall. u r blessed

chichi said...

@ believer: it is well with your soul... it is well, it is well with your soul! in jesus name. amen. this song camae to mind as i thought to type a reply... God has a word 4 u rite there. have peace my sista, have peace.