Wednesday, 6 February 2008


ps 9 vs 9: "the lord is a SHELTER for the oppressed, a REFUGE in times of trouble. "

my devotional this morning passed on a message; it challenged me to fearlessly commit yourself {myself} to what is written in te bible.

once upon a time last year, life as i knew it seemed 'over'; the hardest thing for me was looking at God as the same, beleiving he was in control of my life and the situation i was facing.

it was tough. just thinking of that time in my life makes me shiver and makes me say "thank you Lord."

life is filled with battles, challenges, i mean Paul would not have told us about ' putting on the armour of God." if life was one party after another.

you and I are going to have to FIGHT; FIGHT the enemy of our lives and our destinies.

when i read the above psalm i wondered "refuge? shelter?" so i decided to find out a synonym for the words and this one hit me 'WHAM' a port in a storm.

this is who Jesus is : a port in a storm. i then decided to find pictures of Ports and i did and one thing that was the same in the pictures of ALL the different Ports was that the boats or cars were all at a stand still... resting if you will.

God brought me out of my fire, and even today he is bringing his children out of trouble and trials still...

the holy spirit kept telling me then during my 'fire' "it is never too late to have faith."
he kept telling me this because my faith at this point was t an all time low... i am not even going to lie and say i was strong, i kept falling apart and getting up again.... it was a nightmare of a time in my life indeed.

but i did NOT have to suffer all that emotional , physical and spiritual battering... God is a PORT in a STORM. all i had to do then.... {and what intend to do hence forth} was go to him and REST , to STAND STILL and know that he is God.

when the rain is pouring , and the sea of life is churning Jesus is the place to go, and the place to stay.

we do not have to loose our heads when Life hits, neither to have to live in a perpetual state of fear of thinking of WHEN life hits...

Faith is good. God is his word, and according to Malachai 3vs 6 he {God hence his word} does NOT change , he will never change!!

often wondered how people will be going through DEEP, DARK stuff and they excude this peace, joy, moutain moving faith? i would tell you their not so secret secret...

"they are at the PORT... standing still, resting in HIM, waiting quietly for the coming day of victory."

he loves us so MUCH. so so MUCH.
he is home, he is ALL we would need.

i have fed a heart.

his peace. chichi


Jaycee said...


Praise God for a new definition of "Refuge" and "Shelter." My Port in the rest when the waters are stormy...

Loved this!!!!!! (thanks C...)

chichi said...

@jaycee: how u feelin my nu blog-do? LOL!!

God is indeed our resting place, the one who gives us calmness when the storm is raging outside.

Believer said...

Isn't He everything...anchor, refuge, a PORT in the storm. As if that was not enough, He is still the One who is able to speak to the storm and command it to be STILL. Halleluyah! This is great my sis...keep them coming. You are blessed.

curvyice said...

Thanks gurl,
u blessed a heart truly.
how you dey?

chichi said...

@ believer: wotsup now? thank God for who he is; our rock in a shaky world!!

@curvyice: i dey o! thnx 4 visiting.