Sunday, 13 January 2008

"even with glory..... even with my shame"

"O God, my heart is fixed: I will give praise, even with my glory....."

the above verse is in paslms... psalms 108 vs1 to be precise.

as i read this verse in the bible.... it struck me within.

david was saying here that he had made a choice to be a worshiper..... in the good times!!

i had always assumed the only time worshiping was difficult was in the bad times... in the times when we felt ashamed and troubled. BUT for some its in the time of glory that worshiping God is a struggle...... some of us tend to only NEED GOD when we are in NEED!!

and when the need is met.... our compassion, our devotion, love name it.... goes out the window!!

as i meditated still on that verse the holy spirit saidd to me : "God is not looking for a bet friend for 2months.... he wants a best friend in and out of season... for eternity!'"

God wants our love for him and our awe of him, and need of him... to be forever!!

he wants you and i to see that.... he wants our unconditional LOVE just as he loves us unconditionally.

david say even with my glory.......

some of us need to say even with my shame...

for some of us do not know how to lift up our hands when our spirits our weary....

even with {our} glory..... even with {our} shame we wil lift up our GOD.... we chose to be worshipers in and out of season.


his peace.chichi

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