Monday, 7 January 2008

he orders my steps

today is{since its not yet over} a day i want to put down for me... and for anyone who wonders about the leading of God in their lives. God leads the way of the righteous. ps1 says "he watches over the path of the righteous" another ps says "the steps of the righteous are ordered of God".

i was at the libary and when i was through studying i decided to go home but it was raining... and i had no umberalla with me, BUT i wanted to brave it still.
God said: "wait it out"
but i was in a hurry and i was still saying "the rain is not that much"
God said: "wait it out, you will see it will lessen"
so with much reluctance i went to the refectory got a cup of coffee and did wait it out. there this ease i felt within me in the empty refectory, a peace and calm.
God said:{i paraphrase} "you need to stop sometimes and enjoy what you have around you."
and i did ; i drank in the moment. it was beautiful
i am through with my coffee and i step out and guess what? GUESS WHAT??
NO RAIN! NO RAIN!!!!!!!!!
he orders my steps. lord i trust you to led me in the big and small things of my life!!

God will order your steps...... but we need to let him. we need to trust he who sees the bigger picture and follow where he leads us. you get right.
we can never know better than our creator and saviour. LET HIM ORDER YOUR STEPS.

his peace.chichi

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