Sunday, 6 January 2008

just discovered

happy new year. sometimes we feel like we are the only ones going thru what we go thru.... like the story of elijah or was it elisha now. who had to hide from the queen who was out to kill the prophets of God? its been a while since i read this bible story so pardon whatever inacuracies. anyway there was a time when elijah/sha blved he was the only person of yahweh left... and God said {i paraphrase} "no... i have kept others".

i just discovered that i am never alone... especially in my walk with God. sometimes i look around and blv i am the only one who is living for him and that does way me down thinking it is a lonely path i tred. but it is not. others walk this path with me, others face what i face and have the faith i have... and its so wonderful knowing there are people who we can connect with.

the devil loves to make "us" feel alone; because we get weary, depressed, negtive...we begin doubt who we are, what we are doing and who we are following {God}.

i am not alone in my quest to know this God and follow him; and neither are you.

his peace. chichi


Believer said...

Welcome to blogville and thanks for this. You are not alone!

chichi said...

hiya;thanxs 4 dropping in. "we are not alone." that is sooo tru. anm a believer ... oops no pun intended!!