Wednesday, 9 January 2008

there is just sumthin about it....

i am one those people .... or rather used to be one of those people who say "well enough about me ... what do you think about me?" you get; i just do that... unconciosly i must add.
i waant to talk bout my problems, my relationship horrors, my dreams , my fears.... "me,me, me" like an opera singer {mmh}.
even before God in prayer as of last year, i was so "hung-up" on ME, when will I? I want.... I neeed... yes i pray 4 family and friends and christians but i just somehow get back to me{more}!
recently i have begun to change that... as of last year{late} the holy spirit told me to pray for the people in my class by name every day.... I began to do it.
i also have begun to pray for "abused women" after reading the blog of confused naija girl. i have begun to pray for countries i just may never visit....
today i spent over and hour helping someone decide her next step... counselling her, advising her.... I did not try to "do" me into the conversation, i listened and shared whatever wisdom within me.
and i realize "there is just something about.... being selfless". i feel like im doing something good, i feel like am making an impact by investing time, prayer and wisdom into someone else.

i pray for others and i get encouraged that : if I am so confident that This God can and will help these people... he can and will help me.

it just feels right... i cn't explain... i just know there is something about being selfless.

his peace.chichi.

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