Thursday, 24 January 2008


i've got LOVE in my eyes {hence the red}...
just got back few mo' ago from the cinema saw ENCHANTED... awwww lovely.
i tapped my feet, 'ohheed' and 'ahhed' at all the right places... love is beautiful; it is even better when it is pure, wholesome and yours!!

today we are caught in a generation/world that is searching for wholeness... feeling a need to belong. some folks would rather be in a relationship that is like being in hell-fire than be the word they hate, and dread most ... than be ALONE.

my brother told me once that being ALONE{without a man} does not mean your lonely, or there is something WRONG with you!! here-here if you've ever felt or have been told you have a 'problem' just cause your SINGLE??

as i got on the bus heading home a scripture came to my mind, a scripture i would put down to end this post... also a phrase jumped up from within me...

i love the verse in Eph 1 vs 23 that says : THE FULLNESS OF HIM WHO FILLS ALL IN ALL.

we need to get THE love we need for our soul and spirit from GOD... THE love that fills us is NOT hiding away in some mister/miss right {really}.

when we get in on THE love.... ah i believe we will never NEED someone/ anyone to MAKE us FEEL loved... because we would already know we are!!

a friend* of mine has taken a break from dating a sort of 'i kissed dating goodbye' thing why? she wants to get full on the love of God, and there by love herself as she begins to see her self through her Creators eyes...
no more will she jump up at any guy who says the "L'' word, it would not make her settle or feel lucky. the lady is loved, ah the lady knows she is loved.

sweetheart do you know you are loved already? yes you reading this, there is no need to compromise, there is no need to feel empty.... let your heavnly father's LOVE fill you-it can.

not you{woman} he{man} why? because when he woman gets into a love relatonship with GOD, when a woman allows THE love of GOD to fill her ''empty'' and parched soul.... she stops searching and just begins to rest in love that is MORE than enough... in a LOVE that brings together lovers, she is no more jumping from sheet to sheet, she is no more crying out to GOD '' give me a MAN'' she is satified with THE love that never gets old, that never gets sore.

thank God for those who have in their hands the love made for them... for love indeed is a beautiful and somewhat in todays world a rare commodity.

thank God for those who are SINGLE for the lord is now youe companion ashe promised in isaiah-to be your husband.

but above all thank GOD for those who have and are reaching out to know, and experience the FULLNESS of GOd's love.... for in it they find peace in times of despair, joy in times of pain, victory in battles, beauty of life. AND SO MUCH MORE:

ah jesus let me get full on your love, that just like the woman by the well i would thirst no more!! halleluyah.

oh yes the bible verse- eph 3 from vs 17 to 19:

that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you being grounded and rooted in love,
may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the width and length and depth and height-
to know the love of christ which passes knoweledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
ah... ive got love in my eyes true true. i want to get full, i am ready to get full, i CHOOSE to get full.
what about you?
his peace. my love. chichi


Believer said...

I really loved this. Love begins and ends in God for He is love. In Him we are complete and whole. Being single is a blessing, thanks for encouraging us!

Jaycee said...

ahhhhh....beaurrriful "red" post!!!! Ah, I've got love in my eyes too. One can never know true love unless one finds it in the arms of God. Every other thing is only a figment of the love of God...

When a woman has fully grasped the love of God, then she will be ready to grasp that of a man...which comes with flaws! Lol.

chichi said...

@ jaycee- 'love of a man which comes with flaws' you said

@ believer-its all about girl power baby!!!