Saturday, 19 January 2008

my 'little' testimony& the message from the spirit

today i had a long train ride into london from manchester; a long and very comfortable ride.
i slept at invervals and read a book 'God's leading Lady'{t.d jakes}.

my ride was so much fun ... i could not remeber the last time i had such peace on the train!!
its not due to anything scaring, its just that getting a seat on the train is often a BIG issue. sometimes it is so full with people other times the seats are reserved and should you make a ''mistake'' to settle into a reserved seat oh! dear that is another issue becos at one stop or the other the owner will come and you'l have to move.... wow! a message is brewing here; i was going to share something else but let me share whot the lord is whispering to me.

there is peace when you are where you are meant to be, when you are doing what you have been called to do; you enjoy your life by accepting where you are and what you have and knowing that even though it looks like close to nothing..... ''├žlose to nothing' fed 5000 men, woman and children with 12baskets of leftovers.

just like the train ride if i should sit on a seat reserved for someone else, im going to be so uneasy, constanly wondering ''when will the real owner come?'' ''when will i be caught?'' and all this worrying, kills the 'fun'' i could have on the ride.

when you and i are outside the will of God, living a life that is not ours, we feel that 'tug'no matter how we want to ignore it, its there. we can not enjoy life because we know we are holding on to something we NEED to let go of. it is 'false' comfort, and if we are to enjoy life we need to be redy and willing to let go.

is it better to stand on the train or sit on the ''empty'' reserved seats? if you are okay being moved by force; sure sit on the seat NOT meant for you but i assure you should the real owner come-you my dear are out!!

sometimes God has to ''shake-up'' our lives because when he leaves it up to us we often never go the way he speaks to us or shows us.

in the book of philpians, paul says that God has given us the desire to do his will and the strength to carry out his will...

God wants us to KNOW what he has carved out for us, he wants us to take a sit on the train ride of life and enjoy the ride why? because the reserved seated we are sitting on belongs to us...

my analogies are getting too much so i''l say what it is i have been saying....

today before my train ride into london i asked God to save me a sit... MY sit, i did not want to stand all through and i did not want to settle into a reserved empty seat only to have the original occupant politely or most times rudely inform me ''i am where i am not meant to be''

and God answered; thats how come i had such a peaceful ride, and you know what else? almost everyother seat was vacant NONE was reseved God had given me choices as well!!!

like i did for a place to rest my pampered behind{the sista can crack a joke yea?}... we should also seek him to show us the way that is ours, no more taking risks, no more being everywhere but where we are meant to be or doing everything but what we are meant to do!!

no more uneasiness in our lives, once you and i seek God to show us or speak to us his will, he will and as the case always is... it ''blows'' our minds!{in GOOD way of course}

my little testimony is: God saved me a seat!!
the message from the spirit is: "trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.''

his peace. chichi

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Believer said...

I have been blessed. I was reminded about what another sister in Christ said..about running in our own lane. Thank God for you and thank you for sharing. I want to sit on my own seat! Thank God for a seat o..i know how it can be on those trains. It's funny to think that I may have walked past u today on the busy streets of london! Remain blessed