Friday, 11 January 2008

"its suppose to be..."

i have realized that the above title is the easiet route to a life of unhappiness, depression, ungratefulness... and its one of the thoughts satan uses to get us "under":

'im supposed to be the one with the high paying job not them..."
"im supposed to be married.... not her"
"im supposed to be there not here...."

'its supposed to have been that way not this way...."
"he/she is supposed to be the "one"'

there are just alot of supposed to be's.... and they hinder us from enjoying the present situation... from understanding and hearing wot God is trying to say to us in that situation..., what he desires to make of us from that situation

an old friend; just got back intouch.... and my mind went crazy with plans... i began to assume sparks were there... like that was the purpose for which God had brought him into my life to be "my man" .

and then he starts talking about his girlfriend! and am sooo like "wait a sec...."
suddenly i felt like there was no point being friends with him.... and i began to pull away. and trust the Holy Spirit to set dis sista strait.
he told me "who told you {me} that was the reason i brought him into your life now?"
and then i remembered how for sumdys i had been thanking God by faith for 'divine connection' for the "companionship of true believers..."

but satan kept goin in my head.... "its supposed to be.... its supposed to be...."
and i was torn.... But then i understood something.

when something is supposed to be in the life of a child of God .... it will!
in the bible God says for i know the plans i have concerning you...
the bible also tells us nothin can seperate us from the love of God...

meaning: wot is meant to be will be in your life!! and if its not yet time.... or its not meant to be.... free it {as my people will say} cos its not God's plan/s for you!!!!

someone told me i make life sound so 'simple' and straight cut'..... if they knew the things i hve seen...and how i try to have the right attitude evryday...

i have just chosen to get living for christ right.... i have made the CHOICE!!

but my mssg today is .... quit thikn and saying "its suppose to be this way and that way" " im suppose to av this one and that one"

stop trying to re- plan wot has been predestined.
stop trying to re-write wot has been writing...

it shall come to pass....
when its time... when its your turn.... you will get center stage.

enjoy the now, trust God in the now....

as for me im enjoying a friendship.... and i aint getting any funny ideas!

his peace. chichi

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Believer said...

Thank God for you and for this message. This is so for me...I'm prone to worry about how tomorrow will be and forget today's blessing. I will make the most of NOW. Have a blessed weekend.