Monday, 23 March 2009


You are no surprise to God! Yup, God does not look at you or me and go 'O my what was I thinking dying for someone like him/her.'

nothing you do or say surprises God; David put it this way:

"you know my every thought.. you know what I am going to say even before I say it" (psalm 139 2,4).

Mark 14:27 Jesus announced to his disciples "All of you will desert me", Peter like a lot of us refused such a claim, he declared boldly 'I never will.'

we all have said our fair share of never to God haven't we? I know I have, and what do you know, soon after there I am caught in the act!

we all have noble intentions when it comes to our Lord. Like Peter we want God to know "hey! I am your man. You can most definitely count on me to be on top form!" but Just like Peter in the same chapter from verse 66-71, we see ourselves falling short of our very promise, contradicting our noble intentions. what an unexpected surprise!

but not to God. before Peter denied Jesus, Jesus knew about it, before Jesus' disciples desereted him, Jesus knew about it. and this was what he said to them

"All of you will desert me" BUT after I am raised from the dead, I will go ahead of you to Galilee and meet you there."

Before they fell, Jesus had forgiven! O the measure of GRACE.

This is not a license to go out and do what we want, like paul said: we do not continue in the wrong things just because there is grace!

But this is to offer comfort to you and to me, that even when we fall short, and act out contrary to what is in our hearts! Jesus forgives, Jesus has forgiven.

I may be a surprise to me, but not to HIM.

"Love so amazing, so divine
demands my soul, my life, my all."

keep surviving on grace. chichi

thanks for the birthday wishes! xx

Friday, 20 March 2009

happy birthday to me!!

so its my birthday today YAY! and i do thank God for every thing this past year even the seemingly unpleasant why? because his word tells me ALL things are working together for my good!

anyway i decided to do something different with this post. just put down some things about me. rather random. but any way here it goes:

• I am a mummy’s baby. And I don’t mind that at all.

• I am not the last born but I am the baby of the house , Everyone ‘babies’ me. I’m so loved.

• I love to write. It is what I do, who I am…

• I am not perfect. Used to think I could be. Still struggle with that but I am learning to accept and to appreciate what grace means.

• I love God. My relationship could be better than what it is now; he will get us there no doubt. I once loved God because of family, but now I love him personally. He does well by me.

• I do not like receiving letters. Anything in a sealed envelope white, brown… I just do not appreciate the suspense of sealed envelopes. Send me an email thank you very much.

• I like ‘me time’ a lot. A lot more than the average person (I think). Sometimes it is based on choice, circumstances or force of habit.

• I love to read. Almost anything in fact.

• I love music. Music inspires me especially the gospel ones; it is an atmosphere I create for myself. The (b) part of this is that I love to start my day with some gospel jamz playing in the back-ground as I get ready.

• I think my voice sounds like a little girl. Only on phone though.

• I am not good at ironing! I do iron but because I am not excellent its my least favourite thing to do.

so there it is.

keep surviving on grace. chichi

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Learning to be a son

I will like to think that with my earthly parents I have been a perfect child. bringing home great grades, always polite and submissive, never given them reason to think "what is her problem?" but I know I haven't been the perfect child, far from it but I have been their child and they love me perfectly.

I remember once in Junior secondary school, I had a really bad school report and i hid it from my parents. however, they finally found out, not just that my grade was bad but that i hid it from them, and man was it a looonngg summer break.

shortly after the incident before i was to return to boarding school, my mum took me to Mr. Bigs (kinda like a KFC in Nigeria) and she said to me 'pick anything you want.' and i was surprised and i said to her ' why do you want to buy anything for me' and my mum's reply was 'why not?'

in my head I did not deserve the treat but my mum thought I was crazy to think that.

I would like to tell you that to my heavenly father I have been a perfect child, that I own a sign post that says 'NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS ONE!' or it is in-fact true; but I too have my share of many fallings that leave me beside my self in grief.

There have been days when the last thing i felt like was like a son to him, most times I stay away when i think 'my mess is too messy, But thank Jesus, I am learning that even when it hurts to go to him after all I have said, done and thought, i should because I am his son no matter what; He does not condemn me no matter how wrong I have been, nor does he berate me for going off the path he carved out, he holds me close to his heart; like the father of the prodigal son, he is just glad to see me and when I ask him why he cares for me at all, I imagine that with a smile on his face, as he wipes my tears he says to me 'why not?'


he's crazy about ya!

keep surviving on grace. chichi

Monday, 9 March 2009

I know how it ends

Lord I give you thanks, even though i can be silent, and lament, i choose to give you thanks, remembering all the glorious things you have done for me:

-you forgive ALL my sins
_ you heal me ALWAYS
-you have ransomed me from hell.
-you fill my life with GOOD things
-you renew my strength
-you give me justice
-you reveal your nature and plan to me.

above all Lord, I thank you because I am surrounded on everyside by GRACE!

i need it, you give it, I thank you.

"Be strong in the Lord and be of good courage. since I was young and now i am old i have not seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread. He who called you is faithful and will complete the good work he has begun in you."

keep surviving on grace. chichi