Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My Psalm

Your Love For Me dey KOKOROKO.



Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Story of a Screwdriver and my chair

Ahem... once upon a time, :)

My room in school has so many things 'wrong', first its smaller compared to others, the carpet is a dark blue so it does not take long before it is screaming for a vacuum cleaner. that's my room, I love it though.

My Chair is a different story, this is the chair I sit on when I am working on my reading table. the problem with this wonderful chair is there is a particular screw that keeps coming undone every other day. The downside is that when this screw comes undone, a two arm-chair becomes a one arm chair. Now this used to upset me especially because I did not have a screw driver, so whenever the screw began to come undone I would worry, panic be totally peeved. One of my flat mates even laughed at me one day when she saw my now one-arm chair, then something happened and this is the something that God spoke to me about that I want to remember.

One day the same flat mate that laughed at me gave me a screw-driver, I needed it after-all. Before I would use a knife to get the screw back in its place, but now I had a screwdriver the perfect tool. would you believe that even though I have used the screw driver the screw still comes undone every now again. But the difference is when it comes undone I do not worry, I just reach out for the screw driver and screw it back in!!

Even though You and I have accepted Jesus into our lives, we still have off days, maybe I am the only one who has those kind of days when I wonder if I am saved at all. But even when we fall short, come undone just like the screw driver, You and I do not need to worry or panic, all we need do is go to Jesus and he will get us back on the right track, set us straight if you will.

I heard God say in my heart a second ago as i was working on my chair agin with the screw driver. He said:
"whenever the screw of this chair comes undone, you do not panic because you have the screw driver to help fix it, so why do you panic when you come undone when you have Jesus."

Jesus can fix whatever 'screw' has come undone in my life, and in yours.

His peace my Love

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Truth 2

When you look at your life
Comparing it to No one's
You will find that
You're truly blest:
You're satisfied.