Monday, 28 January 2008


a life yeilded to him... that is what God expects of us from us; a life truly surrendered. a heart that ceases to be ours and has become his, a mouth that only speaks for him, yeilded unto him....

i just listned to T.D JAKES preach a sermon titliled 'building your own alter.' he said alot of powerful things but one in particlar moved me ....

first an altar in this case in refering to our lifes/heart, someone who has pioritized Jesus giving him a place that will never be long to another, someone who earnestly seeks God without being watched, someone who geninely is surrendered to life of absolute God pleasure.

worship is not just in songs, worship is a lifestyle-we worship God everyday by what we give to him : a verse in psalm34 reads "... those who honor him will have all their needs..."

{like joyce Meyer said once we need to worship God/ love him not just because of what he gives but because of WHO he is...}

a true worshipher, ALWAYS worships God in ALL things!!

short story:

i had to stay over at a relations house sometime last year, and i had to help out around the house. HELP OUT ALOT!!
i was cleaning, sweeping bringing....
somedays i got weary of doing good... sometimes i was tempted to grumble, and do everything in anger...

but whenever that feeling caame over me strongly i'll remind myself what God told me the first day i got there:

i never knew that... or thought of it that way. immediatedly i set my attitude right saying everything i do here is unto God and for God, and yes in his time he will allow me reap the reward of it.

best believe i did my 'work' there to the BEST of my ability, i made sure i did everything perfectly. apart from the blessing to come {amen} it was also the fact that i saw it as a worship unto God, something he would accept and delight in.

the bible says :let your light shine before men so that they may see your good work and GLORIFY GOD in heaven....

we are called to live a life unto God becuse God gets glory.... great honor from it{and that is what worship does, God is enlarged and honored},eyes look to God when we live for him....

i remembered this story cos T.D JAKES said sumthing:

"when you have an altar, you can not be selfish in your sevice; everything you do comes from that santfied place deep on the inside of you thus making your offering/service holy and acceptable unto God"- i paraphrased sum parts.

unto GOD...
not for you...
not for me...
not for them...

giving to God the best of us, the ALL of us-

i am still in a state of pondering this message, of giving God an altar in our lives... am still thinking in my spirit what such a powerful message means.... diging deep, digging deeper...

but the much made clear to me i put down so not to forget.

unto God...

grounded and well rooted in him; hence everything ceases to be about me.

giving him my best, giving him worship in everything and at all times.

still meditating.

his peace.chichi

Thursday, 24 January 2008


i've got LOVE in my eyes {hence the red}...
just got back few mo' ago from the cinema saw ENCHANTED... awwww lovely.
i tapped my feet, 'ohheed' and 'ahhed' at all the right places... love is beautiful; it is even better when it is pure, wholesome and yours!!

today we are caught in a generation/world that is searching for wholeness... feeling a need to belong. some folks would rather be in a relationship that is like being in hell-fire than be the word they hate, and dread most ... than be ALONE.

my brother told me once that being ALONE{without a man} does not mean your lonely, or there is something WRONG with you!! here-here if you've ever felt or have been told you have a 'problem' just cause your SINGLE??

as i got on the bus heading home a scripture came to my mind, a scripture i would put down to end this post... also a phrase jumped up from within me...

i love the verse in Eph 1 vs 23 that says : THE FULLNESS OF HIM WHO FILLS ALL IN ALL.

we need to get THE love we need for our soul and spirit from GOD... THE love that fills us is NOT hiding away in some mister/miss right {really}.

when we get in on THE love.... ah i believe we will never NEED someone/ anyone to MAKE us FEEL loved... because we would already know we are!!

a friend* of mine has taken a break from dating a sort of 'i kissed dating goodbye' thing why? she wants to get full on the love of God, and there by love herself as she begins to see her self through her Creators eyes...
no more will she jump up at any guy who says the "L'' word, it would not make her settle or feel lucky. the lady is loved, ah the lady knows she is loved.

sweetheart do you know you are loved already? yes you reading this, there is no need to compromise, there is no need to feel empty.... let your heavnly father's LOVE fill you-it can.

not you{woman} he{man} why? because when he woman gets into a love relatonship with GOD, when a woman allows THE love of GOD to fill her ''empty'' and parched soul.... she stops searching and just begins to rest in love that is MORE than enough... in a LOVE that brings together lovers, she is no more jumping from sheet to sheet, she is no more crying out to GOD '' give me a MAN'' she is satified with THE love that never gets old, that never gets sore.

thank God for those who have in their hands the love made for them... for love indeed is a beautiful and somewhat in todays world a rare commodity.

thank God for those who are SINGLE for the lord is now youe companion ashe promised in isaiah-to be your husband.

but above all thank GOD for those who have and are reaching out to know, and experience the FULLNESS of GOd's love.... for in it they find peace in times of despair, joy in times of pain, victory in battles, beauty of life. AND SO MUCH MORE:

ah jesus let me get full on your love, that just like the woman by the well i would thirst no more!! halleluyah.

oh yes the bible verse- eph 3 from vs 17 to 19:

that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you being grounded and rooted in love,
may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the width and length and depth and height-
to know the love of christ which passes knoweledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
ah... ive got love in my eyes true true. i want to get full, i am ready to get full, i CHOOSE to get full.
what about you?
his peace. my love. chichi

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

why do jealousy?

the early morning sun pierced through the slightly drawn curtain in my room; i was turn between waking up and catching another few minutes of shut-eye.... then i rembered the scripture that i had heard in my dream over and over again...exdous 28vs 2.

in the above verse God was instucting Moses.... the part that ''got me'' was when God said Moses was to dress Aaron in a ''different'' garment seperating him from all the other people. you see Aaron was a priest... he had a calling on his life that was different from anyone else he had to accept it and so did everyother person.

why do jealousy?{i wrote dat in green haing in mind 'the 'green eyed'' monster}

the problem i see is that so many of us find it HARD accepting where we are, or who we are. we always believe the next broda or sista has it better.... and yearn secretly or overtly to have what they have or be who they are.

we knock our selves down by comparing ourselves with the standards of men and we hardly ever clebrate ourselves!!

we think we are ''no good'' just by looking at other people....

the bible says set your mind on things above....
i learnt a long time ago that my sucessess does not depend on the failures of others!!


it would not happen for you {maybe} as it happend for toyosi, or nneka or mildred or whoever it is you are looking at.... whoever it is you are using as your yardstick/standard!!

God has called you on a different path, as our personalities differ so is the plan God has for us!!

the psalmist says : he leads me in the best pathway for my life!! he leads you and i in the best pathway for our life....

now even though the plan[s] God has for us differ.... one thing that is the same for each and everyone of us is the promise in jer29vs 11

God is too good, too faithful, too holy... to not do ''right'' by us.

yesterday i called a friend, and he informs me of a girl we both know .... and how things are '' looking up'' for her....

if it was anyone else i would not have acted funny for a second the way i did when i was told.... there is this history i have with the girl that makes me often forget the reborn spirit that i am!!!

satan immediatedly saw ample oppurtunity to get me thinking its supposed to be{check previous posts} basically the devil was sowing into my mind thoughts of jelousy and that ''look at my life!'' self-pity jargon!!

but then i rembered the bible verse that had come to me in a dream and i shook off the devil.... i SHOOK OFF the negativity, the seed of jelousy that was being planted in my thoughts!!

i made a choice entering into the year that i choose joy all the way.... and some things have happned that could make me curl up and moan and groan.... but the thing about this choice i made is that for once i have ubderstood that TRUE joy has NOTHING to do with the 'stuff'' that go on around me....

so yesterday i made a choice that made the devil MAD as well as kept my joy and my spirit pure... i choose NOT to do JEALOUSY....

my pathway is different....
your pathway is different....

there is this song i heard in my brother-in-law's car , the song is titled "God has not forgot..."

he is on his way to reach you,
stop letting the devil tell you any different.

jealousy means you believe that you would NEVER get to where you belong, that you will NEVER see the goodness of God in your life....

so i am happy for her.... our history aside .... i am happy for her!!
im confident enough in the ability and soverignty of God, and in his love for me which brings to pass everygood and perfect thing in my life to say that!!

his peace. chichi.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

my 'little' testimony& the message from the spirit

today i had a long train ride into london from manchester; a long and very comfortable ride.
i slept at invervals and read a book 'God's leading Lady'{t.d jakes}.

my ride was so much fun ... i could not remeber the last time i had such peace on the train!!
its not due to anything scaring, its just that getting a seat on the train is often a BIG issue. sometimes it is so full with people other times the seats are reserved and should you make a ''mistake'' to settle into a reserved seat oh! dear that is another issue becos at one stop or the other the owner will come and you'l have to move.... wow! a message is brewing here; i was going to share something else but let me share whot the lord is whispering to me.

there is peace when you are where you are meant to be, when you are doing what you have been called to do; you enjoy your life by accepting where you are and what you have and knowing that even though it looks like close to nothing..... ''├žlose to nothing' fed 5000 men, woman and children with 12baskets of leftovers.

just like the train ride if i should sit on a seat reserved for someone else, im going to be so uneasy, constanly wondering ''when will the real owner come?'' ''when will i be caught?'' and all this worrying, kills the 'fun'' i could have on the ride.

when you and i are outside the will of God, living a life that is not ours, we feel that 'tug'no matter how we want to ignore it, its there. we can not enjoy life because we know we are holding on to something we NEED to let go of. it is 'false' comfort, and if we are to enjoy life we need to be redy and willing to let go.

is it better to stand on the train or sit on the ''empty'' reserved seats? if you are okay being moved by force; sure sit on the seat NOT meant for you but i assure you should the real owner come-you my dear are out!!

sometimes God has to ''shake-up'' our lives because when he leaves it up to us we often never go the way he speaks to us or shows us.

in the book of philpians, paul says that God has given us the desire to do his will and the strength to carry out his will...

God wants us to KNOW what he has carved out for us, he wants us to take a sit on the train ride of life and enjoy the ride why? because the reserved seated we are sitting on belongs to us...

my analogies are getting too much so i''l say what it is i have been saying....

today before my train ride into london i asked God to save me a sit... MY sit, i did not want to stand all through and i did not want to settle into a reserved empty seat only to have the original occupant politely or most times rudely inform me ''i am where i am not meant to be''

and God answered; thats how come i had such a peaceful ride, and you know what else? almost everyother seat was vacant NONE was reseved God had given me choices as well!!!

like i did for a place to rest my pampered behind{the sista can crack a joke yea?}... we should also seek him to show us the way that is ours, no more taking risks, no more being everywhere but where we are meant to be or doing everything but what we are meant to do!!

no more uneasiness in our lives, once you and i seek God to show us or speak to us his will, he will and as the case always is... it ''blows'' our minds!{in GOOD way of course}

my little testimony is: God saved me a seat!!
the message from the spirit is: "trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.''

his peace. chichi

Sunday, 13 January 2008

"even with glory..... even with my shame"

"O God, my heart is fixed: I will give praise, even with my glory....."

the above verse is in paslms... psalms 108 vs1 to be precise.

as i read this verse in the bible.... it struck me within.

david was saying here that he had made a choice to be a worshiper..... in the good times!!

i had always assumed the only time worshiping was difficult was in the bad times... in the times when we felt ashamed and troubled. BUT for some its in the time of glory that worshiping God is a struggle...... some of us tend to only NEED GOD when we are in NEED!!

and when the need is met.... our compassion, our devotion, love name it.... goes out the window!!

as i meditated still on that verse the holy spirit saidd to me : "God is not looking for a bet friend for 2months.... he wants a best friend in and out of season... for eternity!'"

God wants our love for him and our awe of him, and need of him... to be forever!!

he wants you and i to see that.... he wants our unconditional LOVE just as he loves us unconditionally.

david say even with my glory.......

some of us need to say even with my shame...

for some of us do not know how to lift up our hands when our spirits our weary....

even with {our} glory..... even with {our} shame we wil lift up our GOD.... we chose to be worshipers in and out of season.


his peace.chichi

Friday, 11 January 2008

"its suppose to be..."

i have realized that the above title is the easiet route to a life of unhappiness, depression, ungratefulness... and its one of the thoughts satan uses to get us "under":

'im supposed to be the one with the high paying job not them..."
"im supposed to be married.... not her"
"im supposed to be there not here...."

'its supposed to have been that way not this way...."
"he/she is supposed to be the "one"'

there are just alot of supposed to be's.... and they hinder us from enjoying the present situation... from understanding and hearing wot God is trying to say to us in that situation..., what he desires to make of us from that situation

an old friend; just got back intouch.... and my mind went crazy with plans... i began to assume sparks were there... like that was the purpose for which God had brought him into my life to be "my man" .

and then he starts talking about his girlfriend! and am sooo like "wait a sec...."
suddenly i felt like there was no point being friends with him.... and i began to pull away. and trust the Holy Spirit to set dis sista strait.
he told me "who told you {me} that was the reason i brought him into your life now?"
and then i remembered how for sumdys i had been thanking God by faith for 'divine connection' for the "companionship of true believers..."

but satan kept goin in my head.... "its supposed to be.... its supposed to be...."
and i was torn.... But then i understood something.

when something is supposed to be in the life of a child of God .... it will!
in the bible God says for i know the plans i have concerning you...
the bible also tells us nothin can seperate us from the love of God...

meaning: wot is meant to be will be in your life!! and if its not yet time.... or its not meant to be.... free it {as my people will say} cos its not God's plan/s for you!!!!

someone told me i make life sound so 'simple' and straight cut'..... if they knew the things i hve seen...and how i try to have the right attitude evryday...

i have just chosen to get living for christ right.... i have made the CHOICE!!

but my mssg today is .... quit thikn and saying "its suppose to be this way and that way" " im suppose to av this one and that one"

stop trying to re- plan wot has been predestined.
stop trying to re-write wot has been writing...

it shall come to pass....
when its time... when its your turn.... you will get center stage.

enjoy the now, trust God in the now....

as for me im enjoying a friendship.... and i aint getting any funny ideas!

his peace. chichi

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

there is just sumthin about it....

i am one those people .... or rather used to be one of those people who say "well enough about me ... what do you think about me?" you get; i just do that... unconciosly i must add.
i waant to talk bout my problems, my relationship horrors, my dreams , my fears.... "me,me, me" like an opera singer {mmh}.
even before God in prayer as of last year, i was so "hung-up" on ME, when will I? I want.... I neeed... yes i pray 4 family and friends and christians but i just somehow get back to me{more}!
recently i have begun to change that... as of last year{late} the holy spirit told me to pray for the people in my class by name every day.... I began to do it.
i also have begun to pray for "abused women" after reading the blog of confused naija girl. i have begun to pray for countries i just may never visit....
today i spent over and hour helping someone decide her next step... counselling her, advising her.... I did not try to "do" me into the conversation, i listened and shared whatever wisdom within me.
and i realize "there is just something about.... being selfless". i feel like im doing something good, i feel like am making an impact by investing time, prayer and wisdom into someone else.

i pray for others and i get encouraged that : if I am so confident that This God can and will help these people... he can and will help me.

it just feels right... i cn't explain... i just know there is something about being selfless.

his peace.chichi.

Monday, 7 January 2008

he orders my steps

today is{since its not yet over} a day i want to put down for me... and for anyone who wonders about the leading of God in their lives. God leads the way of the righteous. ps1 says "he watches over the path of the righteous" another ps says "the steps of the righteous are ordered of God".

i was at the libary and when i was through studying i decided to go home but it was raining... and i had no umberalla with me, BUT i wanted to brave it still.
God said: "wait it out"
but i was in a hurry and i was still saying "the rain is not that much"
God said: "wait it out, you will see it will lessen"
so with much reluctance i went to the refectory got a cup of coffee and did wait it out. there this ease i felt within me in the empty refectory, a peace and calm.
God said:{i paraphrase} "you need to stop sometimes and enjoy what you have around you."
and i did ; i drank in the moment. it was beautiful
i am through with my coffee and i step out and guess what? GUESS WHAT??
NO RAIN! NO RAIN!!!!!!!!!
he orders my steps. lord i trust you to led me in the big and small things of my life!!

God will order your steps...... but we need to let him. we need to trust he who sees the bigger picture and follow where he leads us. you get right.
we can never know better than our creator and saviour. LET HIM ORDER YOUR STEPS.

his peace.chichi

Sunday, 6 January 2008

just discovered

happy new year. sometimes we feel like we are the only ones going thru what we go thru.... like the story of elijah or was it elisha now. who had to hide from the queen who was out to kill the prophets of God? its been a while since i read this bible story so pardon whatever inacuracies. anyway there was a time when elijah/sha blved he was the only person of yahweh left... and God said {i paraphrase} "no... i have kept others".

i just discovered that i am never alone... especially in my walk with God. sometimes i look around and blv i am the only one who is living for him and that does way me down thinking it is a lonely path i tred. but it is not. others walk this path with me, others face what i face and have the faith i have... and its so wonderful knowing there are people who we can connect with.

the devil loves to make "us" feel alone; because we get weary, depressed, negtive...we begin doubt who we are, what we are doing and who we are following {God}.

i am not alone in my quest to know this God and follow him; and neither are you.

his peace. chichi