Wednesday, 29 April 2009

words of hope

this is something I wrote in 2006, reading it today was rather comforting.

Blessed, Broken and Given.

Who needs this word more than I do? We all do because we all go through life in need of encouragement, a “pick-me-up” a “life-line” you dig? So the answer to my question is everyone; everyone needs this word maybe more than I do, maybe as much as I do; may not be for today but for someday.
You know how puzzles come; scattered, disjointed, looking so senseless … am talking about those picture ones. On the case there is a picture of how it is to look; Mickey and Minnie mouse smiling in their convertible… and you can’t even figure where to begin; you cannot make sense out of any of the puzzle pieces.
The word of God is that case; telling you that you are blessed, you have all you need, it is well with your soul, your future is wonderful, good things are in store for you; you will find love, get healed name it … it’s a book of positive promises but your life is the pieces of the puzzle- it feels empty, hopeless, without, troubled, shattered, un mended and worst of it feels impossible that your life is the same life pictured on that case { in the bible}.

Blessed, the bible tells us this ‘blessed is the man who trusts in the lord” to be blessed means to be anointed, special, favored, honored made enviable. You are blessed, and that is always the truth even when circumstance speaks a different word let your final word be this; the word of God- you are a special, favored, honored and anointed person hallelujah! There is no curse on you, you are not unlucky, and there is no reproach in your life present or in future. God has blessed you and no one or nothing can take that calling away from you.

Broken, the word says that God disciplines those he loves. John 16 vs. 33b says: “in this world you will have trouble’. Apostle Paul wrote ‘fight the good fight of faith’. We will be broken by life-we can not run or hide away from that. There will be troubles; there will be fights to keep faith. You will feel weary, doubtful, scared about when it will get better; nights... long nights of discomfort. Some of you are here in your lives; some of you can remember this place from your past; we have all been broken by life- we all will at one time or the other. Are you ready to breathe a sigh of relief? Yes? Let’s read Romans 8 vs. 28 ‘and we know that all things work for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ and 1cor 2:9 ‘No eye has seen nor ears heard nor mind conceived what God plans for those who love him’. I told you to expect a sigh of relief. Isn’t this scripture just beautiful, more beautiful because it is the truth for any situation or circumstance a lover of God finds themselves in! you may be broken today be assured that brokenness is your testimony tomorrow- as long as you love God you will smile at the end. Now I know how cliché that sounds but believe me he who gave this word (all of scripture is God given) is faithful everyday and will surely perfect it.

Given, the lord commanded us in his word “be holy as I am holy’. At the end of the trial, tribulation, or test we come out closer to our purpose than before- Romans 8 vs. 29 says “... For whom God foreknew he predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his son (Jesus)”. The ultimate purpose of every believer is to be more like Christ; to shed off the sin the weight that hinders us from being so. Every situation has a plan in your life and that is to make you more like the one who died for you on Calvary; to make you more full of faith and more faithful, more compassionate to others, more sensitive to his spirit, for him to be more lord of your life, for you to be more courageous , more holy, more at peace , more joyous, more worthy … at the end of it all you will be more than, you will be so much more than you were before the process came along.

If you want to cry, cry; but cry because it hurts not because you lack faith: for without faith it is impossible to win.
Christ will comfort us, counsel us, carry us, care for us, conquer for us- he will, he surely will.

And may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the sweet fellowship of his spirit rest and abide with us. In Jesus name Amen.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

surviving on grace

A psalm of Chichi:

"You're my home:
The rain falls wildly
I am broken in my spirit
Lord, you are my home: the place where my soul is free to groan.
Companions fly away
Alone in my despair
Lord, you are my home: the place where i am free to be silent, allowed to have no answers.
The world a cruel, cruel place
Fighting constantly against a finished race
my God, you are my home: Now I posses the heritage of victors
For you are all I have
For you declare you are all I need
Here I am expecting not because I am deserving
here I am believing as a key to my receiving
In need of strengthening, in need of uplifting
In you I long to encase myself
to stay covered and sheltered

Ps 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength ALWAYS ready to help in times of trouble." (NLT)

keep surviving on grace. chichi

Monday, 20 April 2009

And it came to me

When he whispers my name
my soul refuses to answer
as I wallow in the gutter of my mistakes.

when he whispers my name
I am broken that I he still remembers
even with all my blunders
my name lies over his heart unerased.

when he whispers my name
I shout out "forget me."
I caution him "not to love me."
because such faith and love upon me a risk.

when he whispers my name
I stand in awe and shudder,
tears of thankfullness flow, at the thought that my wrongs he can forgive.

when he whispers your name
don't refuse for too long
do embrace what he is giving: Another chance to claim his grace.

keep surviving on grace. chichi

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My High Priest

I read this and was touched, it made my morning hope it makes yours too.

He Did It Just For You
by Max Lucado

When God entered time and became a man, he who was boundless became bound. Imprisoned in flesh. Restricted by weary-prone muscles and eyelids. For more than three decades, his once limitless reach would be limited to the stretch of an arm, his speed checked to the pace of human feet.

I wonder, was he ever tempted to reclaim his boundlessness? In the middle of a long trip, did he ever consider transporting himself to the next city? When the rain chilled his bones, was he tempted to change the weather? When the heat parched his lips, did he give thought to popping over to the Caribbean for some refreshment?

If ever he entertained such thoughts, he never gave in to them. Not once. Stop and think about this. Not once did Christ use his supernatural powers for personal comfort. With one word he could’ve transformed the hard earth into a soft bed, but he didn’t. With a wave of his hand, he could’ve boomeranged the spit of his accusers back into their faces, but he didn’t. With an arch of his brow, he could’ve paralyzed the hand of the soldier as he braided the crown of thorns. But he didn’t.

Want to know the coolest thing about the coming?

Not that he, in an instant, went from needing nothing to needing air, food, a tub of hot water and salts for his tired feet, and, more than anything, needing somebody—anybody—who was more concerned about where he would spend eternity than where he would spend Friday’s paycheck.

Not that he kept his cool while the dozen best friends he ever had felt the heat and got out of the kitchen. Or that he gave no command to the angels who begged, “Just give the nod, Lord. One word and these demons will be deviled eggs.”

Not that he refused to defend himself when blamed for every sin since Adam. Or that he stood silent as a million guilty verdicts echoed in the tribunal of heaven and the giver of light was left in the chill of a sinner’s night.

Not even that after three days in a dark hole he stepped into the Easter sunrise with a smile and a swagger and a question for lowly Lucifer—“Is that your best punch?”

That was cool, incredibly cool.

But want to know the coolest thing about the One who gave up the crown of heaven for a crown of thorns?

He did it for you. Just for you

Thursday, 9 April 2009


it is my humble opinion that the best of us have been there. where? in a place where nothing HE is feels real, not his love, or his word or his person.

today i was reminded about the story of Peter. a story told and heard so many times, but still moving all the same. the moment Peter took his eyes of Jesus, the moment Peter thought 'check me out. i'm walking on water.' he cowered at the sight of the storm. his eyes beheld that which was mighter than him,and he cried out to Jesus, and Jesus quickly reached out and saved him.

i like what TD jakes said once, 'life happens' sometimes its the enemy of our souls trying to hit us hard, and sometimes is a life-hap. when these things happen we shake, i shake... i cry out in pain, i doubt that he hears me or that even if he hears, he would answer. sometimes we go through the motions while we struggle with what we believe.Today I was encouraged to 'go through it.' and i know its easier said than done, but it is possible never the less Paul said 'I can do all things through Christ my strength.'

Faith comes to crisis when it becomes about us. when we are zoned in on ourseleves we would definately see the storm and cower, because we know our limitation. eyes off Jesus is the begining of the crisis.

its easy to get puffed up. feel self-righteous. to look at where we are, what we have and take sole credit. I am guessing Peter forgot who called him out of the boat and began to marvel at his ability to walk on water, suddenly it became about him and not the power at work in him, the Messiah who stood before him.

is your faith in crisis today? return your eyes to Jesus. take time away, just as you would with a lover and be with him. let him hold you, assure you, let him lift you. you don't have to drown, he wants to save. he is at the ready.

I believe he longs deeply to be there for you and I always.

the storm may be greater than you. But look at who called you out of the boat.

happy easter.

I thank you Jesus for coming, dying, and rising. I will never know how much it cost to see my sins upon the cross. why you would care for me, me of all people I still can't understand. I love you so much. the grace to believe always in you. in Jesus name.

keep surviving on grace. chichi

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bringing grace home.

I remember this fancy carving we had in the dinning room of our house years ago now, you know those ones that say "Jesus is Lord', 'God bless this house.' type; anyway, the one we had was a verse of scripture which says:

'Dear brothers since God so loves us we ought to Love one another'

i remember this frame so much because during lessons when the maths becomes too much for my brain I would just stare at this frame and read it taking out letters e.g " take out D and read it as ear brothers..." and no don't ask me how old i was, i wont tell. lol!

God loves us so we love others. he reached out to touch you and I so that those around us would be touched. Apostle paul puts it like this "God comforts us to comfort others" (I paraphrase).

God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob about their generation getting into a land flowing with milk and honey, literally the people of Israel were going to reap where they did not sow. God made a promise and he intended to keep it even when the Israelites kicked and screamed against God, when they rebelled, when they chose an idol over him. God made a promise and was going to keep it. why? because his love, because his grace knows no other way.

bringing grace home, is all about loving the people in our lives, in our world even when they seem most undeserving, even when it logically impossible Max Lucado puts it this way:

"What is grace? it is what someone gives us out of the goodness of his/her heart, not out of the perfection of ours."

to put it simply, love should not be based on performance or even feelings(which are down today , up tomorrow) walking in Love is a choice, a conscious lifestyle.

It is one thing to be benefactors of grace, that is great, beautiful, a testimony in its own right. But to go farther in sharing and showing that love, is the end in itself. Max Lucado says on this:

"When someone really tastes the forgiving and liberating grace of God... Someone who tastes God's grace is the hardest worker, the most morally pure individual and the person most willing to forgive."

you and I are not just meant to recieve grace, we are called to bring it home.

John 13:34:

"So now I am giving you a commandment :Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other."

As we rely on God to enable us walk in Love, lets have ever before us that when love is behind an action, its never too small, it never goes unrecognized, or unrewarded.

keep surviving on his grace. chichi