Friday, 29 February 2008

A New Perspective

some days ago; i finished the book of Ruth... it was indeed a wonderful journey; every verse and all four chapters were solid food... tantalizing to my spiritual taste buds.... God had a word/message for me at everypoint.... to think i almost thought "nah!" when i was lead at first!!

so the title of this post is A NEW PERSPECTIVE; and that is waht happened to me after i read sometging in the book of Ruth 4:6:

"then I can't redeem it" the family redemmer replied.
let me give the background gist that lead to the above verse. Ruth had lost her husband and father-in-law and brother -in-law; she journeyed with her mother-in-law Naomi to the country of her late husband... a country to which she would be foreigner; but her selflessness got her thinking about her mother-in-law's need for her than for her own NEED {a message on its own.}
Ruth begins to work on the field owned by Boaz; Boaz takes notice of Ruth... he askes about her from his workers they describe her as a woman of HONOR {another message on its own}- i digress: " proverbs 31 vs 30:
"charm and beauty is deceptive, and beauty does not last BUT a womn who FEARS the LORD will be GREATLY praised."
jewish custom says qulifies Boaz to marry Ruth so that her late husband's name would go on when she birth's her first son. but little problem; there is someone else in line before Boaz.
have you ever looked up to someone for something: be it their love, support, pressence, happiness for you .... and they failed to deliever.
have you ever watched the 'perfect' 'ideal' people /circumstances walk out of your life... come to a close even before you were ready for 'it' to end?
have you cried, cried because the people who were to stay left, the people who were to love despised, the people who were to support abandoned, the people who were to be committed betrayed.... THE 'ONES' FAILED....
and you think.... 'no one else left..." remember Boaz.
Boaz ent to meet the family redemmer before him and the man said "NO"... basically it would complicate his life.... Ruth was a problem to him... Ruth did NOT fit into his plans.... or was it that HE did NOT FIT into the plans God had for Ruth?!!!
am getting excited!
do not hold 'them' back; do not try to make 'it' fit.... when it has grown 'too old', 'too weak'... THEY HAVE TO SAY 'NO' SO YOUR BOAZ CN SAY 'YES'.
you have to let it go... let them go, give it up.... and let God have the space to bring nto your life the things the people he has ordained for you before time began!!
when the man said 'NO', Boaz said 'yes'; he could not say 'yes' tomarrying Ruth no matter how much he was intrested in it until the oppurtunity came up.... and the opurtunity ws hearing 'NO'.
No is a negative word.... but in the story of Ruth it was the best word that could be offered.
the blessing may begin with hearing 'NO'.
the gift may be wrapped in 'NO'
the testimony is born out of 'NO'
NO is often the key that unlocks the door to your God designed future.!!
so next time you are faced with a 'NO' smile something is about to happen....
ruth 4vs13,19-20:
so Boaz married Ruth and took her home to live with him.
when he slept with her, the LORD enabled her to become pregnant, and she gave birth to a son.
this is their family line beginning with their ancestor Perez:
perez ws the fther of hezron.
hezron was the father of Ram
Ram was the father of Amminadb
Amminadab ws the father of Nahshon.
Nashon the father of boaz.
Boaz the father of Obed.
Obed the father of Jesse.
Jesse the father of David.
imagine what Ruth would have missed out on had the other man said 'Yes'.... she would have missed out on being one of the leading ladies in the chronology of Jesus's family line!!
time 4 a new perpective.
his peace . chichi
dedicated to my 'number one' Fan!! {believer} LOL..

Friday, 22 February 2008

gospel truth again... the begining of it all.

"for God so loved the world that he gave his only son
so that everyone who beleives
will not perish BUT have eternal life."
the following verse of the above scripture{john 3:16} says Jesus did NOT come to condemn the world but to save it.
the truth is it hurts me; it hurts me when i see people NOT regard God; it hurts me when EVEN I do NOT regard him as i should. what more do we want? HE loves us so much he "gave up" the one important person/being in his life and world. he made him who KNEW NO sin know sin that we may be saved.
CHRIST CAME AND DIEDTHAT WE MAY LIVE AND REGIN {not just in heaven but here on earth.}
in class a lecturer wanted to show a 'film clip' on TV but before he did he asked if there were christians were in this class becos will be offensive to them.... out of over twenty people THREE rose up their hands? out of those three people GOD knows those that are realy HIS; those in a relationship and not in a religion.
where hs the love gone?
i read some one's blog {by accident} where the person said and i quote " is to short."
that rubbed me the 'wrong way'; whatever 'swing' means is up in the air but all i know is it did not sound right... it sounded like that misguided and ignorant thing people say to excuse their'wrong' actions "you only live once!"
we live in ageneration that has forgotten its God. i do not want people to be suprised come judgement day.... but some are bent on being suprised.
jesus knocks on the door of each heart... who will open? who will let him in? who will not laugh at his love but will rather acept and trust it.
when it comes to this God i do get very touchy; it breaks my heart when i see people 'not care' why? do they not know HOW much he loves them, what he gave up for them.... why will they treat him or speak of him iwthout revere, respect with a lack of apppreciation!!
i do not get it at all!!
so i thought remind them... for those who have forgotton; tell them... for those who have NOT heard,
give your ALL to jesus... you wont regret it; believe me i know.
keeping it real. his peace. chichi

Thursday, 21 February 2008


i dunno if like me there is anyone who this is for... but really im writing this for me. getting outside myself and speaking to self....

siting around waiting for things to 'change'? you might as well get ready to wait for a long time....

there is the change that only God can deleiver and there is the change only you can deleiver.

'you need to take charge'. quit crying, mopping, day-dreaming, wishing... and TAKE CHARGE!!

moses did... God said {not really} from here on out it is you... you strech forth that 'stick' and the sea will part.... you dont and well the egyptians will catch up at get ya!

so what are you waiting for.

do the cruches.
do the sit up.
eat right.{try}

your dream {body} will remain a dream other wise.

ps 18 vs 29: God's got your back.

his peace my love.chichi

Monday, 18 February 2008


i do; i really do.

on sunday evening i setteled to study the word of God; and my devotional lead me to this verse in 1peter4:19:
"so if you are suffering according to God's will,
keep doing what is right and trust yourself
to the God who made you, for he never fails."
what struck me the most was "suffering acording to God's will" my mind threw this sentnece around; something in me was not to 'YAY!' about it; then Jesus came into my mind... his death, was a perfect example of suffering according to God's will.
some minutes ago i listened to T.D JAKES on line and he read from the scripture where Jesus said he did not come to bring peace.... and i thought 'WOW!'
we do not become christ-like/ like christ if life is without the challenges and battles, and oppositons! in the beatitudes Jesus said "blessed are you when you are persecuted for my sake..."
TD JAKES talked about "death to your/ my will", "death to sin."
and then this is the TRUTH i got; we who profess and confess christ have to choose death!!
death to our flesh, death to the world... choose a new world a new life where everything about us revolves around Jesus christ our Lord.
some of us do NOT want to die, some of us are HALF dead.... for some reason; we do not want to be LOST in him-JESUS.
for some reason we delay change that makes us better sons and daughters...
for some reason the LIGHT is going out and we are TOO slow to fan it into flame...
for some reason trying... now has no point, makes no sense.
but until you and i are completely dead to self... we will NEVER come alive in Christ; for the bible does say only the pure of heart will see God...
'death' is a scary thing; it is something we rebuke, we refuse, we do not want to think or talk about.
spiritual death is the BEST thing... peter says in his first book chapter 4 vs 13:
instead be VERY glad-because these trials,
will make you partners with christ...
when we live for christ; the trials will come... when we choose death; the devil begins to see us as people he has to bring down... we become a threat to him just as jesus was, as jesus is...
but will the fear of trials unknown stop you and i from choosing death?
his peace. chichi.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


joyce meyer said the above phrase as i watched her sermon on line somedays back : "it is okay to be you- eat the cookie, buy the shoe." i.e clebrate yourself, your uniquness.
but how many of us are 'REALLY' okay with who we are, with where we are, with what we got.... how many of us believe without wavering that YOU{me} is the only way to be, is the way God intended...
how many of us think the next 'chic' or 'stud' has it better than we do... that if only God made me more like X or if i had the style,looks and talents as Y... my life will be 'perfect."
confession: sometimes i do think all this... and truth be told sometimes we all do; some of us more than others but never the less we all guilty!!!
we need to shake of that 'less than' mentality; FYI: the ideal for any person to be is himself or herself...
we need to be confident in who we are in our Lord and say or preferably shout "it is okay to be me!!"
david said in psalm 139 vs 13-14:
you made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mothers womb.
thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
your workmanship is marvellous-and how well i know it.
David said "thank you for making ME...." he too knew that it IS okay to be himself.
God crafted you on purpose, the way you think, talk, walk, laugh, LOOK... everything about you was thought out CAREFULLY and LOVINGLY by GOD!
tomorrow is valentines day; and while you and I appreciate those who make life special for us... while we celebrate others; let us celebrate ourselves too!
it is okay to be CHICHI!!
it is okay to be YOU!!
because either way we are, he LOVES us and will use us. we have been formed to fit into his specific plan for our individual lives!!
happy vals day.
his peace.chichi

Friday, 8 February 2008

its just a phase...

"WHEN you ARRIVE in the land the lord your God is giving you as a special possession...." {NLT} Deut26vs1.

i was so comforted when i saw this; and too excited at the same time!! why? because at the end of the day where you are today, where i am today is NOT where we will be forever!!

the storm will end, our tears will cease to flow, the pain will ease our souls.... one day we will wake up having MOVED on UPWARDS!! halleluyah.

i believe when we begin to see the unpleasent situations we face as part of a transition and not our destination, we CAN indeed be filled with hope and joy!!

the reason we often get 'downcast' is cos we tend to believe that we will remain in the Valley... just cos we {in our mind} have been there for a long time OR we do not SEE how possible it is to get out of the valley-issues in our lives.


when he brings you to your canann, when you arrive at your predestined destination.... a land so full, rich by the power of God!!

i have looked ahead with the eyes of FAITH; 'here comes the sun...!!"

chin up baby; HERE COMES THE SUN!!

'the grace to know it wont be like this forever; better days, better days are ahead of you and i."

his peace, my love. chichi.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


ps 9 vs 9: "the lord is a SHELTER for the oppressed, a REFUGE in times of trouble. "

my devotional this morning passed on a message; it challenged me to fearlessly commit yourself {myself} to what is written in te bible.

once upon a time last year, life as i knew it seemed 'over'; the hardest thing for me was looking at God as the same, beleiving he was in control of my life and the situation i was facing.

it was tough. just thinking of that time in my life makes me shiver and makes me say "thank you Lord."

life is filled with battles, challenges, i mean Paul would not have told us about ' putting on the armour of God." if life was one party after another.

you and I are going to have to FIGHT; FIGHT the enemy of our lives and our destinies.

when i read the above psalm i wondered "refuge? shelter?" so i decided to find out a synonym for the words and this one hit me 'WHAM' a port in a storm.

this is who Jesus is : a port in a storm. i then decided to find pictures of Ports and i did and one thing that was the same in the pictures of ALL the different Ports was that the boats or cars were all at a stand still... resting if you will.

God brought me out of my fire, and even today he is bringing his children out of trouble and trials still...

the holy spirit kept telling me then during my 'fire' "it is never too late to have faith."
he kept telling me this because my faith at this point was t an all time low... i am not even going to lie and say i was strong, i kept falling apart and getting up again.... it was a nightmare of a time in my life indeed.

but i did NOT have to suffer all that emotional , physical and spiritual battering... God is a PORT in a STORM. all i had to do then.... {and what intend to do hence forth} was go to him and REST , to STAND STILL and know that he is God.

when the rain is pouring , and the sea of life is churning Jesus is the place to go, and the place to stay.

we do not have to loose our heads when Life hits, neither to have to live in a perpetual state of fear of thinking of WHEN life hits...

Faith is good. God is his word, and according to Malachai 3vs 6 he {God hence his word} does NOT change , he will never change!!

often wondered how people will be going through DEEP, DARK stuff and they excude this peace, joy, moutain moving faith? i would tell you their not so secret secret...

"they are at the PORT... standing still, resting in HIM, waiting quietly for the coming day of victory."

he loves us so MUCH. so so MUCH.
he is home, he is ALL we would need.

i have fed a heart.

his peace. chichi

Monday, 4 February 2008

am an aunt!!halleluyah!!

today,at about 1 am this morning God made me an aunt, my parents firstime grandparents, my brothers uncles, my in-law a father, my sister a mother!!

habakuk 3:16 {NLT}: "......queitly waiting...."


LETS WAIT.... QUIETLY, without fear/trembling, without negative thoughts and words ruling us, without confusion or anxiety.

'quietly waiting' the word i recieved 1st of this month, the word i shall never forget. in jesus name. amen.

his peace. chichi

Friday, 1 February 2008

loving us as we are...

ps 139 vs 1 : "O lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me." {NLT}

*short story*

in primary school, i was the chubby girl with the geeky glassess{ glassess still there tho much more trendy- the weight? lets just say 'curves' LOL!!}; i remember then, my favorite book in the libary was about a chubby girl who had no friends, and who then lost weight and everyone wanted to be her friend!!

well i had friends; what i did not have was any boy crushing on me!!{when i was a child...*sigh*}. i was NOT the 'type' the boys were going for; and in so many ways it was shown.

then in primary 5 i met O.H, it is weird how i still remeber his surname,how he looked... or is it?
i remember him because; he had a crush on me... he liked me.

it was weird for me... No boy had 'liked me-liked me'; i remeber one day he was talking to me, and i think i actualy said 'are you talking to me?' that is how SHOCKED i was... there were finer girls {thank God fordeleiverance from such low self estem}.

finally i accepted O.H crush, and i experienced something i had believed i'd leave primry school without!!

sometimes we wonder what God is STILL doing with us; why does he STILL care about me, why does he STILL love me... after all i have said and done, does he not know it all, my wicked private thoughts, my flaws... does he not see them....

feeling undeserving of the love of God has its limit!! sometimes statan is just messing with our mind, telling us how undeserving we are... and in those times God takes NO delight in our seeming 'awe' of his love...

i told the story above becuse i believe in alot of ways it is kinda how we react to the fact that God loves us just as we are...

we are like "me? me? God loves ME??!"

he does, i was thinking of the fact that God CHOSE to love you and i; he purposely loves you, his love did not just happen, he pre-planned to love us...eph chapter one the verse 4 says God chose us in christ and loved us BEFORE the foundation of the world was made....

and everyday since after he made the foundation of the world he loves us STILL... as we are, as i am...

and it is his love for us that inspires us to be better people for him...

while we were yet sinners he died for us.

i think we should stop trying to figure out why he does love us and begin to accept it and thank him for it....


aint that just fantastic!!

his peace. chichi.