Thursday, 27 March 2008


1 peter 3:9-: 'don't repay evil for evil. Don't retaliate when people say unkind things about you.INSTEAD pay them back with A BLESSING. this is what GOD WANTS YOU TO DO , and he will bless you for it.' [NLT version].

how hard is that? don't we just itch to have that infamous 'last word' , isn't the lure to 'hit them BACK where it hurts' the most appealing and tintilating?

somedays ago i heard something someone* said about me.... a relatively close someone; it was nothing 'bad' per say but it hurt me...
i walked into my room* and sat on mybed meditating on what had been said; immediatedly, the devil began to stir up anger within me, the 'how could so-and-so say that' 'what have i done to warrant this' 'it is not soand so 's fault... i blame condtion'.... yes i was getting furious; i knew to fight it but i let such emotons linger on for some seconds; until the above verse came up in my spirit....

'don't repay evil for evil' the holy spirit said to me and spent some time talking to me on this.

then i made up my mind; and i told the devil to carry is negativity outta here; i aint buying into bitterness and anger.... God's love is perfected in me. God wants me to repay 'evil' with 'good' and that is just what i am going to do! best believe satan carried his 'goods' away!!

my dearest the 'TAKE OVER' can/will only happen when you MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

when i say 'take over' i am refering to God filling you up so much so that you both are intertwined.... he becomes you and you become him!!

vs 15 of the same book and chapter of the bible says this :'... you must worship christ as the Lord of your life.'

you get it?

2cor 5:15 says this : "he {christ} died for everyone so that those who recieve his new life will no longer live to please themselves instead, they will live to please christ, who died and was raised for them."

i have one word for you 'altar'.

that is what your life and mine our; an altar unto God; a LIFE set aside/concencrated to him.

you desire the take over; then MAKE UP YOUR MIND TODAY; decide to live for God's pleasure; to give him the best of your life.... to be AS HE IS.

the 'TAKE OVER' is possible; the 'ultimate disappering act of self' can happen to you; but we have to go a step further from desiring.... we have to MAKE UP OUR MINDS.... TO CHOOSE those things which cause God delight.

i know, i know... it is hard; but like God once told me : 'it may be hard but NOT impossible.'

his peace, my love. chichi.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Ruth chapter one.

i want to share a message from my 'bible-study' journal; when i read it late last night, it moved me... so much i read it to my mum; i hope it MOVES someone too-i hope it comforts, encourages and strenthens as it did me:

"the moment of lack and insuffiency will surely pass; sometimes we are too sense orflesh ruled that we analyze the situations we face from the realm of the flesh and seek physical solutions to it.

what if Elimelech had not moved his family? would his death and those of his sons had happened?who knows.

VS6: sy alot but a key word is "... again" God blessed his people again.GOD IS AN AGAIN GOD!! if he did it before he will surely do it again because he IS there is NO shadow of change to him or his will for us his children.

so what do you seem to lack?have you looked around and seen nothing coming forth? are you loosing faith in a revival/renewal and planning on making a move? WAIT... i believe if there is anythng God had to ay to his children today it is 'wait' whay are you in a hurry? why am i?

NOW has its purpose, its reason. so wiat and who knows you may just be escaping a great loos by doing so.

in Ruth i see selflessness;Ruth could have easily left or bad-mouthed orpah before Naomi for living. VS18{NLT} says Ruth "made up her mind". alot of us need to 'make up our minds' not tomorrow but today!! because ONCE we know for sure today, tomorrow can NOT shake us.

the mind is a powerful thing/weapon, once its on the right track, set on the positive your life can NOT go off the path, neither can your mouth lead your life off the right path.

make a decision today, so that tomorrow having done everything to stand, you will stand.

is that decision to have faith, forgive, love yourself, live healthly, pray more, be more commited as a student, partner,employer.... everydya something in our life is calling us to MAKE A DECISION, TO MAKE UP OUR MINDS....

settle those issues once and for all; the mind is powerful once you have chosen /decided everything begins to fall into place. you can not be swayed differently.

Ruth did NOT speak harshly of orpah for living; we need to STOP playing judge and jury.... nobody has to be like us or live/act like us!!

stop 'hating' on those who act differently or choose differently; STOP 'hating' on those who walk-away while we stayed!!

we NEED to let mtters go. orpah left, Ruth did not drag the issue out in her mind or with Naomi; she moved on-she refused to be imprisoned by whatever feeling orpah's departing possesed. we need to let matters go and not embrace them/it. LET IT GO!!

a good thing came out of Moab; Ruth did for Naomi. even when we step out, God is there providing the help we need along the way, all geared up to taking us to where we NEED to be.

its not good to step out of line BUT then again thank God because it will never be the end of the world for us.

in pain good can be born. God's grace and love will win out in the end."

his peace. chichi

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

the choice the price.

as i lay in bed unwilling to arise from my slumber and begin my day, a scripture was wisphered into my spirit-Exoduos 8 vs 1-10.

it happens to me like that sometimes; God just 'wisphers' a word to me. anyway i jumped out from bed, reached for my bible, opened to the passage and began to study.

the gist of it: Moses had been sent to pharaoh with a message from God "let my people go, so they can worship me" that was the message the instruction; the command. however God added "...IF you refuse.... i will send vast hordes of frogs across your entire land...."

pharaoh refused- and payed the price; ' .... frogs covered the WHOLE land of Egypt..." vs6

time passed- and pharoah sent for Moses and Aaron and begged "plead with the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my people...."

Moses replied that it was Pharoah who decided when he will pray for the Land to be rid of the plaugue of frogs.

pharoah's answer: "do it tomorrow.

i personally have wondered why pharoah said 'tomorrow' but it was a choice HE MADE and once again he paid the price "another day of frogs!"


it's not just us who 'suffer' or 'gain' from the choices we make in our personal lifes but every other person we know or would meet.

IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU- and that is the coffee you need to wake up to meaning-this is the truth you have to accept.

the choices we make in 'our' lifes either ENRICHES the lives of those we come across or makes them the 'POORER'-.

it was pharoah's choice that got the entire land of Egypt into a horrible situation- and instead of him to LEARN from that and correct himself he repeated the same FOLLY.

we leave in a 'self-obsessed' world; we want to constantly have our way-do as we like thta we make the CHOICES we eventually would regret; the CHOICES those around join to pay the price for.

  • the husband/father who CHOOSES not to break free from his addiction to alcohol- he is NOT the only one who suffers his entire family suffers as well.

  • the man/woman whose REFUSES to abandon a pessimistic outlook on life is NOT the only one to suffer; but those who surround him/her.

the thng baout choices , is that conciously or unconciously, we are MAKING them- we either choose life or death; and have the consequence of our choices to look forward to.

the bible says in James 'he who lacks wisdom should ask God who gives generously.' you and I NEED wisdom for choice- once we understand that it does not END with us, but BEGINS with us; we become more dependent on the Lord's leading for direction {as it should be anyway.}.

so yea : 'THE CHOICE THE PRICE'; remember its NOT just us who reap from our choices BUT those around us. this is a message on selflessness in a way- becos once you are out to do right by God and by those around you {like paul admnishes us in one of the epistles to do our best to live at peace with those around us} you cease to live for self, and if that is not christ-like, then i wonder which christ we talking about here.

his peace. chichi

Monday, 3 March 2008


i know, i know this is 2008 but 2007 is a year for me to remember... it changed my life; my walk with God and gave me new appreciation for my family. now i know how corny and cliche this sounds But i'll go ahead and say it still : "I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT A FAMILY LIKE MINE." for real o! God has blessed me indeed.

2007 was the year i almost died... yea died; it was terrible o! the enemy really was bent on taking my life... i was in the pits, going through trials and jumping hurdles i had NEVER before expericend. 2007 was tough, tough, tough... i almost died; infact i was ready.

my faith in God died and came back to life and died again.... i struggled to trust him, to love him... infact i was LOST and miserable; battling with negative emotions....

my family kept lifting me up in prayer.... i'd be lost without them.

my sister was my 'sunday-school' teacher; she fed me with the word as best as she could. it often was just both of us at home and i will sit and listen.... i was angry but i was hungry... for hope, for peace for faith for strength....

then it changed... God saved me; delivered me from death.... but my emotions were all jumbled up, you know smiling on the outside dying on the inside.

the devil kept attacking my joy, peace, faith.... nd i kept letting him!!

until december 2007.... i heard a word; i read a word from the bible and my life has been affected ever since.



i realized i HAD to make a CHOICE to rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS.... the devil is a liar i had WON already!!

and life has been beautiful ever since..... im not the same girl i was in 2007.... God is working in me and on me now; i see the eveidence and feel the change.

im not where i want to be; all my ducks are not yet in a row... but i have faith, and my joy is not based on things but on Jesus my rock, the ancient of days... my lover my friend.

somethigs should never be forgotten; some testimonies sould never be hoarded.... the Devil is a liar; WE who are in Jesus have won!!

his love. chichi