Thursday, 8 September 2011

'Only asleep'

Matt 9: 23-24

"When Jesus arrived at the official's home, he noticed the noisy crowds and heard the funeral music. He said "Go away, for the girl isn't dead: she's only asleep." But the crowd laughed at him."

Someone called Alex* dead when his father died and he couldn't afford to pay his fees.
Someone called Joy* dead after five years of marriage and no child.
Someone called Precious* dead after years of having her heart broken, and not finding the right man.

Someone may call you dead because you have been facing a particular problem or challenge for years now. Someone may call you dead because you are struggling. To be declared 'Dead' means to be trapped in a situation or circumstance, unable to get out.


Those who think you are 'dead' should hear what Jesus says concerning your situation "This Child isn't dead, he/she is only sleeping."

You are coming out of that situation a winner, God is giving you a story that men will marvel at!!!
He saves!


I thank you father because by your power and in the name of Jesus you are turning things around in my life. Every dry bone will live again. I will praise you and declare your marvelous works in my life in the land of the living in Jesus name.Amen.

His peace. My love.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I thank God for my mother, a woman so full of wisdom and counsel. A woman who is just a phone call away, she knows when I just need a listening ear, she knows when I need to be encouraged or reminded of God's promises. She is someone I can speak my heart to, cryptically or bluntly and God constantly heals the bruises of my heart and spirit with her words.

I Love you mama, my bestfriend :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Thoughts in my head....

Life happens, and if you do not take note it passes you by really quickly. It is good to just sit in the moment or second and savour peace, joy, balance, silence, love, hope. I think we get over our good moments too quickly and we stay down lots longer. Life passes through us, it changes us affects us, influences us, breaks us and makes us but seldom do we pass through life. We live for our seleves and forget about the others, those who have not what we take for granted or deem as common. My level of grace won’t permit me to sit with a mentally unstable person because I have a sound mind but it will permit me to serve or make myself available in another form, perhaps cheer someone up who feels discouraged. Joy is about focusing on God, not things not people because things come and go, people come and go…. But my dear, God is always.

Life is something even movies do not communicate no matter how hard they try. Life is unexpected, it happens so fast. Good moments give way to the bad and the bad bows again to the good times. Like the sun and moon they switch, each serving its purpose in our lives, each showing us how great our God is as a helper and a deliverer. Jackie Kennedy Onasis said ‘life is a mixture of the good and bad, you can’t have one without the other.’ Dwell longer on moments of victories, consider the battles won in life before because good times will give way to the difficult times… but both seasons point us to our God.

His peace. My love

Chi chi

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Its not you its HIM

Gal 1: 15, Paul says something that hit me so hard in my heart "... He called me through (his) grace."

Sometimes we forget that it has nothing to do with us, not really. I am not saved because I have an amazing voice that gives people a glimpse of heaven whenever I sing. I am not loved by God because I am perfect, and get it right every second of every moment. God did not call me because I was 'right'.... even the bible says while I was yet in SIN, he died (loved) for me.

Today lets remember this, God loves us not because of us but in spite of us, and he has called us to be his through grace... nothing else. Its all about GRACE people.... its always about GRACE.

Keep surviving on his grace.